Brazil gave pre-Olympics and goals in World Cup

Brazil gave pre-Olympics and goals in World Cup

The Brazilian Rugby Confederation (CBRu) announced on Monday (10) that the men’s team would not compete in the World East Olympic Games for the Tokyo Games (Japan) from June 19 to 20 in Monaco. According to the organization, between June and July, the decision was made due to the preparation of the Tupies (known as the team) for the 2023 World Cup qualifier.

“The Kovid-19 epidemic in the country also influenced the verdict. Due to health protocols, athletes who do not currently train for the national team and who can make servants squads. [modalidade disputada na Olimpíada, com sete jogadores de cada lado, diferentemente do rugby XV, mais tradicional, com 15 atletas por equipe], Have not played official matches for months. This fact caused concern to CBRu’s medical department that athletes exposed to excessive loads without proper preparation were likely to be injured “, argued the confederation in a press release.

“It is also of concern that athletes from outside the bubble were included in the team in the World Play-offs, COVID-19 could bring contamination to the bubble that will compete for a place in the World Cup,” from CBRu Completed the note stating that he had taken the decision “jointly with the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB)”.

Brazil was recognized for rechaping Tokyo, with the South American East Olympics sub-championship held two years ago in Santiago (Chile). Chile, Jamaica, Mexico, France, Ireland, Samoa, Tonga, Uganda, Zimbabwe, China and Hong Kong are the other teams to qualify for the tournament in Monaco, giving the Games a place.

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For the World Cup qualifier, Brazil will debut against Paraguay on 26 June, which will be defined. If he wins, he will be the winner of the clash between Chile and Colombia on 11 July and Uruguay on the 17th day in a triangular match. The matches will be held at the Chaura Stadium, in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. The two best teams in the trio face the United States and Canada in the final stages of qualifying.

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