Brazil goes to the bottom of the rankings of long-term technicians

Brazil goes to the bottom of the rankings of long-term technicians

Renato Gaucho’s departure from Griomio’s command, sealed on Thursday, ended his four-year and eight-month job following a 2–1 defeat by Independiente del Valle in the early stages of the Libertadores, an exception in consecutive politics. Hiring and firing coaches who live in Brazilian football.

With the fall of Portaluppi, Liska, the longest serving coach in a team in the first National Division, has been the head of USA-MG since January of last year and Serie A managed to get promotion last season.

Except that his tenure in office (less than a year and four months, as it was announced on January 30) seems like a joke compared to the longest-lived jobs in other countries that are world football. K is part of the top sanctuaries.

In the 20 list of the main national championships on the planet (12 from Europe, four from the US and four more from Asia), Brazil is where the longest-lived coach in the same club last came.

The countries closest to the LISCA record are Saudi Arabia and South Korea. In these two countries, the longest-lived coaches (Abderrezek Chebbi and Byung-su Kim) regained their current positions in mid-2018… a year and a half before the mining team commander.

Even in other parts of the world which are internationally renowned for not having too much patience with coaches, Brazilians are capable of forcing managers and fans.

China, Russia and Turkey still have work in progress that began in the second half of 2017. Fabio Canavero (Guangzhou FC) and Fatih Terim (Galatasaray) also won national titles, making it easier for them to stay, but Valery Karpin (Rostov) is no more.

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On the other side of the Patience ranking, there are coaches from the United States and Mexico who have already completed their 10th anniversary running the same team.

The longest-lived of all is Peter Worms, who has been in charge of Sporting Kansas City since November 2009. In that time, he has won MLS titles (2013) and three editions of the US Open. Even without the trophy for four years, he is far from danger.

Ricardo Ferretti of Brazil, ahead of the Tigresses since 2010, is now experiencing the climax of his work. Last season, he won the Konsak Champions League. And, in December, he was runner-up in the Club World Cup, with a win over Palmyras in the semi-finals.

In the European elite, despite the fame of Diego Simeon, who will turn ten years old as Atletico Madrid’s leader in December, he has at least one long-lived coach: Stefan Moulin, who has since July 2011 Leads to Angers.

This is because the team spent the majority of that period at the bottom of the French Championship standings. Despite this, the club’s directors have always believed that the maintenance of the work, which would end at the end of the season, was the best option, by the coach’s decision.

Longest serving coach in each country *

USA: Peter Worms in Sporting Kansas City since November / 2009
MEXICO: Ricardo Ferretti in Tigres since July / 2010
France: Stephen Moulin, July / 2011 at Angers
Spain: Diego Simeon at Atlético de Madrid since December 2011
Germany: Christian Streich, since December / 2011 in Freiburg
Belgium: Frankie Dury at Zulte Waregame since December 2011
UK: Alexander Raibakone in Desna since March / 2012
England: Sean Dyke in Burnley from October 2012
Austria: Thomas Silberberger at WSG Tirol since July / 2013
ARGENTINA: Marcelo Gallardo, at River Plate since June / 2014
Japan: Tomohiro Katanoska in Oita Trinita since February / 2016
Italy: Gian Piero Gasparini in Atalanta since June / 2016
July: Dicklands at Emman since 2016: Dick Lukken
Portugal: Sérgio Conceição in Porto since July / 2017
China: Fabio Canavero at Guangzhou FC from November / 2017
RUSSIA: Valery Karpin in Rostov since December / 2017
Turkey: Fatih Terim in Galtasarai from December / 2017
SAUDI ARABIA: Abderrazek Chebbi from July / 2018 in Abha
South Korea: Byung-su Kim at Gangwon FC from August / 2018
Brazil: Liska, in US-MG from January / 2020

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* Only between teams in the first National Department (MLS in the case of the United States),

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