Brazil has had its ups and downs in the Wheelchair Tennis World Championship

Brazil has had its ups and downs in the Wheelchair Tennis World Championship

The second day of the World Championship for Wheelchair Tennis Teams has been a tumultuous day for Brazil. This Tuesday (28) the youth team made their debut in the category tournament beating Argentina two matches to one (matches are scored in a best-of-three). The quad class team (athletes with disabilities in three or more ends) lost to the United States by three zero matches.

The competition is held in Alghero, province of Sardinia (Italy). The couple can be watched live on the International Tennis Federation’s (ITF) YouTube channel.

In the junior tournament (where the teams are mixed), Brazil overtook Argentina, Joo Lucas Takaki, number six in the men’s ranking of the age group, came out with a double 6/3 win over Gonzalo Lazart (30th). . In the following duel, Benjamin Silvetti (16th) outperformed Jade Lanai, who was second in the world among girls, also from 2 sets to 0 (6/1 and 6/3). In doubles, the partnership between Joo Lucas and Jade defeated Lazarte and Silvetti 2–0 (6/4 and 6/2).

The Brazilians are part of Group 2 of the junior competition and will still face Japan and Turkey. The next appointment will still be determined by the organization.

In the quad, after surprise champion Japan, Brazil could not resist USA’s sidelines. In the first game, Leandro Pea (unranked) employed Brian Barton (ninth in the world), but lost by 2 sets to 1 (2/6, 7/6 and 6/2). Later, Yamanitu Silva (eighth) and David Wagner (fourth) repeated the duel that made its Paralympic debut in Tokyo (Japan). The American again fared better, winning 2–0 (6/1 and 6/3). In the end, Yamanitu lost to Leandro Wagner and Nicholas Taylor (14th) in a double 6/1.

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Wednesday (29). If they finish the bracket in third place, the green and yellow teams in the quad class are, at least, guaranteed a preliminary classification for next year’s Worlds.

On the same day and time, the men’s and women’s teams of the Open class (tennis players with disabilities in the lower limbs) compete in the second round of the respective tournaments at the Worlds. The men’s team in Group 4 will face France, who beat Sri Lanka on their debut (the Brazilians beat Belgium). The women, in Group 2 and winning over South Africa, take on favorites Japan.

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