Brazil is ranked four in the Press Freedom Rankings and remains in the red zone.

Brazil is ranked four in the Press Freedom Rankings and remains in the red zone.

Brazil moved up to 11th place in the World Rankings of Press Freedom of the Organization Reporters Without Borders, released on Tuesday (20).

The country entered a red zone of ranking, that is, for the organization, the press position in the country is difficult.

The unit separates each color into five colors corresponding to the level of press freedom, which is white (very good), yellow (good), orange (problematic), red (difficult) and black (very severe).

ABERT report states that attacks on freedom of press have more than doubled in the country in 2020

The ranking presentation text describes the environment for journalists’ work since President Jair Bolsonaro assumed power in 2019 (in that year, the country had already dropped two places in the rankings).

“The orgy of insult, stigma, and public humiliation by journalists has become the president’s trademark, his family and his entourage,” Text says.

For the organization, the attacks became more intense with the coronovirus epidemic – the president disseminating false information and accusing the press of being responsible for “chaos in the country”.

Rede Globo contacted Palacio do Planalto to hear a demonstration from the presidential office, but there has been no response yet.

Cite report Press Consortium formed to make Kovid-19 data transparentOf which G1 Part is: “The President’s compulsory lies and the government’s lack of transparency about health management, an unprecedented coalition that brought together the country’s main media, was formed in June 2020, aimed directly at information from local authorities in 26 states Had to do. In the country and federal district, to prepare and communicate their own newspapers ”.

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Norway is the country with more freedom of the press for the fifth consecutive year. The second was Finland.

According to the US Press Freedom Tracker, the United States was ranked 44th in the final year of Donald Trump’s term, with a record number of assaults (about 400) and arrests of journalists (130).

See the top in the ranking:

First position in the press freedom rankings

Post country
1 Norway
2 Finland
3 Sweden
4 Denmark
5 Costa Rica

See Brazil and which countries are next

Brazil’s position in the press freedom rankings

Post country
109 Guinea
Is 110 Bolivia
111 Brazil
112 Bulgaria
113 Indonesia

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