Brazil maintains flights to Britain against mutant coronavirus and stays out of veto

Brazil maintains flights to Britain against mutant coronavirus and stays out of veto


Luxembourg discharged after being hospitalized for Kovid-19

SAO PAULO, SP (UOL / FOLHAPRESS) – Technician Vanderleigh Luxembourg was released on Tuesday (22) from São Paulo’s Hospital Sirio-Libanans, where he was admitted for treatment of Kovid-19 since the 14th . Laksa used her social media to announce that she was leaving the hospital. He thanked the hospital staff, who attended to friends and fans sending messages of assistance during his stay in the hospital. In a video posted on Twitter, the coach said, “I’m going home. I’m discharged. I thank God. We won over the virus. The quick stick bends, but it doesn’t break.” ” At the age of 68, Luxembourg was in Rio de Janeiro with her family, when she started having severe headaches. He went to his doctors and followed the recommendation to go to the hospital. The technician treated her daughter at the Syrio-Libanas Hospital in Sao Paulo and tested Kovid-19, who tested positive. This is the second time Luxembourg has been infected with the new coronavirus. In July, when he ran to Palmyras, Koch came to know Kovid-19 and was asymptomatic. He was away from club training for about 10 days.

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