Brazil remembers the first Biden messenger trip to South America. world

Brazil remembers the first Biden messenger trip to South America.  world

a white House Announced the first trip on this saturday South america From Juan Gonzalez, For senior director in the Western Hemisphere National Security CouncilA position that in practice is responsible for Latin American affairs. Not included in the itinerary Brazil.

Between April 11th and 15th for Julie Chang, Gonzalez, Acting Deputy Secretary for the Western Hemisphere Colombia, Argentina I Uruguay, Where you will meet local authorities.

In Bogotá, according to the White House, Joe Biden government envoys will address economic reform, development and security in rural areas, Venezuela’s migration crisis and Colombia’s climate leadership in the region.

In Buenos Aires and Montevideo, the discussion will be around regional priorities, including the challenges of the climate crisis and the Kovid-19 epidemic, and threats to democracy, human rights and security in the region and the world.

Brazil was excluded from the script, despite most of the Amazon rainforest in its region, which recorded a record of deforestation in the month of March.

With records of deaths and daily cases, the country is also facing a serious crisis involving coronovirus. The month of March was the deadliest and recorded 66,868 deaths with Kovid-19, double the second month with the highest number of deaths, July 2020 (32,912 deaths).

Brazil has also registered new variants and has not managed to introduce a national vaccination, problems ranging from the government’s refusal to purchase millions of doses of Pfizer / Bioentech to the lack of input to produce immunizers at the Butan Institute and Fukruz. Huh.

Gonzalez, Jair Bolsonaro, is critical to the government’s environmental agenda, and the nominee’s previous statements suggest that the issue may bring conflict in relations between the US and Brazil.

In an interview with the Washington Post in October last year, he stated that “in any relationship that Biden has with leaders around the world, climate change will be at the top of that agenda, and that includes Brazil”.

“Whoever thinks they can foster an ambitious relationship with the United States while ignoring important issues such as climate change, democracy and human rights,” he said, not explicitly listening to Joe Biden during the campaign Is, “he said.

Born in Columbia and born in New York, Gonzalez was previously the director of the National Security Council for Latin America-related matters between 2011 and 2013 during Barack Obama’s government, of which Biden was the vice president.

In an article published in the magazine “America Quarterly” in July 2020, Gonzalez stated that “Brazil-US relations have a lot of potential under the Biden government”, but questioned whether “Brazil’s current leadership is facing our challenges.” Is ready. ” Time “.

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