Brazil wins three gold medals at the Paralympic Swimming World Cup, surpasses 2019 campaign

Brazil wins three gold medals at the Paralympic Swimming World Cup, surpasses 2019 campaign

This Tuesday, Brazil reached the seven gold medal mark at the Paralympic Swimming World Championships and trailed the campaign for the sport’s final world championship in London 2019. On day three, Carol Santiago, Gabriel Araujo and Samuel Oliveira were the world champions. Of the competition, in the island of Madeira.

The country finished fourth in the overall medal tally with seven gold, six silver and nine bronze besides 22 podiums. At the London 2019 World Cup, the last time before the Tokyo Paralympic Games, Brazil won 17 medals, five of them gold.

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Italy leads the World Cup with a total of 28 with 11 gold, seven silver and 10 bronze. The United States has nine golds and is in second place despite only two silvers and two bronzes (13). Great Britain is followed with eight gold, four silver and five bronze (17).

Gabrielzinho’s gold in the 100m backstroke tasted like a rematch. At the Tokyo Paralympics, he won the silver medal, only to be surpassed by Chile’s Alberto Abraza Diaz. The two met for the first time since then, and the Santa Lugia miners didn’t let it go.

He won by 1min57s69, a new competition record, while the South American opponent was left with 2min00s45. Jacek ech of the Czech Republic won the bronze (2min02s05).

– I’ve been saying from the beginning that I needed this proof first, because I want to be the best at whatever I do. It was proof that I was not the best, and that I improved immensely in my time. I am very emotional – explained Gabrielzinho.

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It was Gabrielzinho’s first medal on the island of Madeira. This Wednesday, he swims the 200m freestyle, which he says is his favorite event. On Friday, he said goodbye to the World Cup in the 50m backstroke. In these two events, the S2 class swimmer is the Paralympic gold holder in Tokyo.

In turn, Carol Santiago climbed to the top of the podium for the second time in the competition. The 50m freestyle has become his favorite event since becoming world champion for the first time in London 2019, his debut in the competition. In Tokyo, she won again. On Madeira Island, he reigned supreme during the 50m event and set a new championship record: 26.86. Silver went to British Hannah Russell (27s91) and bronze went to Lucille Sousa from Mercury (28s15).

– This is a test I love, fast, requires 100% attention throughout the test. I finally depend a lot on tappers, I’m glad they’re my partner, because swimming below 27s00 is too difficult for me – thanks to Carol, quoting the technical commission member who handles batons touching visually impaired athletes The last meter is in the proof, to let you know that they are close to the edge. In this Tuesday’s race, Carroll’s tapper was national team coach and head coach Leonardo Tomasello.

The biggest gold accumulator for Brazil in this World Cup is Samuel Oliveira, who is only 16 years old, Samuka. This Tuesday he won the 50m butterfly in the S5 class.

The rookie of the World Cup was the champion with 33s23, ahead of the Japanese Kaede Hinata, the silver medalist with 35s06. Bronze went to Kazakh Syazbek Daliev (36s32). Samuka’s cousin, Tiago Oliveira, finished sixth with 39s19.

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– This was the result I expected. I took a lot of rest to come up with everything in this controversy, as this is my main event. I didn’t force myself in the qualifiers, I saved myself, to recover in this final – commented Samuka.

He already has gold in 50m backstroke, gold in 4x50m freestyle relay, silver in 50m freestyle besides gold.

Samuka has two more individual events to swim in Madeira Island, the 200m medley on Wednesday, the 100m breaststroke on the 15th and Friday the 17th.

See below, the results of the Brazilian players in Tuesday’s final

100m Backstroke (S1)
Bronze Jose Ronaldo

100m Backstroke (S2)
Gold Gabriel Araujo

100m Breaststroke (SB14)
Bronze Joao Brutos
4th Gabriel Bandira

100m Breaststroke (SB14)
Bronze Deborah Carneiro

150m Individual Medley (SM4)
Fourth Lydia Cruz

50m Freestyle (S12)
gold carol santiago
Bronze Lucille Sousa

50m Butterfly (S5)
Gold Samuel Oliveira
6th Tiago Oliveira

50m Butterfly (S5)
Bronze Joanna Neves

200m Individual Medley (SM6)
Bronze Tallison Glock

100m Butterfly (S8)
Bronze Gabriel Cristiano

4x50m Medley Relay (20 points)
4th Samuel Oliveira; Layla Suzigan; Talison Glock and Lydia Cruz

Watch below the schedule of the Brazilian players for this Wednesday, 15 (Brasilia time) in the qualifiers:

400m Freestyle (S6) – 5h05
– Layla Suzigan

100m Freestyle (S8) – 5h14
— Gabriel Cristiano

100m Freestyle (S8) – 5h22
– Cecilia Araujo

200m freestyle (s1) – 5h46 (heating) / 5h56 (final)
– Jose Ronaldo

200m Freestyle (S2) – 5h55
– Bruno Baker
– Gabriel Araujo

200m Individual Medley (SM5) – 6h05
— Samuel Oliveira
– Tiago Oliveira

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100m Freestyle (S9) – 6h27
– Mariana Gestira

400m Freestyle (S6) – 1:05 pm (Final)
– Tallison Glock

100m Breaststroke (SB12) – 1:45 pm (Final)
– Carol Santiago

50m Backstroke (S3) – 14:32 (Final)
– Myra Barretto

50m Backstroke (S4) – 14:43 (Final)
– Lydia Cruz

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