Brazil women’s volleyball seeks maturity in a tough series in the Nations League

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After a week’s rest, the Brazil women’s volleyball team returns to court for the League of Nations on Wednesday when they face Turkey in Brasilia. Then, a series of games continues in the Federal District, for the second leg of the tournament, in doubles with Holland, Italy and Serbia. The fact that the current volleyball’s hero, the four opponents were semi-finalists of the 2021 European Championship, was highlighted by Brazilian coach José Roberto Guimaraes as a source of inspiration.

For him, facing teams of this level gives less experienced players a good chance to develop in certain aspects. At the moment, the coach believes that the team still needs specific adjustments to improve certain game actions, and that facing stronger opponents may contribute to this process moving forward.

“It’s going to be an extremely tough game against teams that are the same level as us. We have to run a lot. We’re still adjusting to the defensive system, with the blocking-defense relationship, and with the game transition, which makes us go very fast. These are for developing the game, gaining more experience, especially for the younger players”, the coach said.

Guimaraes counts on the strength of the Brasilia fans as a difference, despite the athletes considering the Turkish team more “ready” to play together for longer periods. “It is very important that we play with the Brasilia spectators from our side. The crowd has already participated in the women’s Superliga final and supported the men’s team a lot last week. We will have good games ahead and fans in each. of them will help us a lot”, rated.

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Brazil is sixth in the Nations League with nine points after victories over Germany, Poland and the Dominican Republic. The only defeat so far was a 3–0 loss to the United States in the last game of the first leg.

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