Brazilian boat leads Lightning Junior World Cup in USA

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hey Lightning Junior World Championship This Wednesday (6), debuted at Sheboygan Yacht Club (SYC), United States of america. And the only Brazilian team in the sailing competition came out ahead with two victories in two regattas in Wisconsin waters. The day’s tests were in the south quadrant with winds averaging 15 knots.

trio of Yacht Club Santo Amaro (YCSA) set up by Nicolas Bernal, Felipe Fonseca And Mathias Reimer North Americans took advantage of Brady Starc, Bobby Stark and Adam Stark with 5 points, and Chile’s Dante Parodi, Diego Natho and Santiago Lorca took 6 points.

hey Harken Blockhead’s Lightning Youth World Championship Counts with 15 boats from six countries: Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, United States of america and Greece. The program will conclude on next Saturday (9). “We achieved 100% success on the first day of the regatta. We are well trained and fast! Today it was very speedy and there were many waves.Told Nicolas Bernal,

Two more regattas are scheduled for Thursday (the 7th). Light wind is forecast for the North American city. “We are a heavy crew and the winds of the day’s regatta supported us. There were so many waves, it looked like it was a sea, not a lake.Explained Felipe Fonseca,

power class There is a tradition of Pan-American medals in Brazil and around the world with expressive results. The Monotype has a 16.5m² sail area, 318kg and 5.81m in length. The category was created by Olin Stephens, in United States of america, in 1938. The greatest name in history is Claudio Biccar, who wrote 10. had participated in Pan-American Games.

Members of Brazil’s team thank at the Junior World Cup cbvella and to Claudio Becar and Gieson Mendes for their loan of the vessel to sail the Lightning Brasil class to initial training and championships in Brazil and for their support in training.

Nicolas Bernal Bolsa Atleta is supported by the program federal government. And Felipe Fonseca Of the Bolsa Athlete Program of the Municipality of So Paulo.


1st BRA15333, Nicolas Bernal / Mathias Reimer / Felipe Fonseca – 1 – 1; Two

2nd USA15298, Brady Stark / Bobby Stark / Adam Stark – 2 – 3; 5

3rd CHI15196, Dante Parody / Diego Natho / Santiago Lorca – 4 – 2; 6

4th CAN15456, Charlie Robinson / Katherine Stark / Jack Stark – 3 – 4; 7

5th EQU14679, Ernesto Sarrazin / Cristian Acurio / Irene Suarez – 5 – 5; 10

6th USA15499, Sabrina Stark / Jamie Stark / Elizabeth Stark – 6 – 6; 12

7º GRE15241, I. Chatzikonstantinidis / Athanasios casapidis / Stephanos ragkausis – 7 – 8; 15

8th CAN14522, Sam Balanevsky / Sofia Shulzenko / Sidney Kelsh – 10 – 7; 17

9th USA14744, Katie Egan / Quad Richards / Eddie Perez – 8 – 11; 19

10th USA15511, Abby Allen / Sam Monique / Liam Hounsell – 11 – 9; 20

11th USA14483, Mercedes Ascandon / Julia Shannon-Grillo / Megan Williams – 9 – 12; 21

12th EUA14882, Owen Carolan / Liam Prior / Seamus Carolan – 12 – 10; 22

13th EUA14798, Lucas Ascandon / Sara Santos / Sam Santos – 13 – 14; 27

14th CAN15493, Dylan Halls / Cameron Whaley / Monica Walsh – 15 – 13; 28

15th EUA15246, Douglas Rassi / Jenna Prining / Grant Bogardus – 14 – 15; 29

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