Brazilian boxing legend Reginaldo ‘Holyfield’ Andrade is sick and needs help

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Brazilian boxing legend Reginaldo ‘Holyfield’ Andrade is ill and needs help. The 56-year-old former super middleweight boxer, he became famous for his historic feud with Luciano ‘Todo Duro’ Torres of Pernambuco.

Holyfield was admitted on Tuesday with anemia, pneumonia, diabetes and a prostate disorder. Videos circulating on the Internet showed the former fighter, who, besides weighing only 66kg, has difficulty walking and talking. At the height of his form, the Bahian boxer weighed 75 kg.

“It’s getting sad. I’ve been here without sleep since yesterday (Monday). Ever since she started, my sister and I haven’t been able to sleep well, very worried. That’s when we really saw if she He may die if he stays at home. Then we decided to bring him to the UPA so that he has adequate treatment, because there is no way out at home,” Holyfield’s daughter Vivian Andrade said in an interview with TV Bahia .

Many people involved in Brazilian boxing are looking to help Holyfield. Esquiva Falcão, who is preparing for her next battle in the United States, on the 29th, in So Paulo, recorded a video asking for help from the Bahian authorities.

Reginaldo Holyfield was the Brazilian, South American and Latin champion in the 90s and 2000s, but became famous for seven fights he fought with Luciano ‘Todo Duro’ of Pernambuco. The rivalry came to the big screen in 2018 with the documentary “A Luta do Seculo”.

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