Brexit News: Britain ‘changes the table’ to Europe ‘Europe’ Europe needs to be able to supply ‘half fish’ | UK | News

Brexit News: Britain 'changes the table' to Europe 'Europe' Europe needs to be able to supply 'half fish' |  UK |  News

Paul Lines, The chairman of the Lowstaff Fish Market Alliance, Mr.“Britain could dominate the European fishing marketplace by supplying fish caught in British waters,” he told ExpressCUK. He added that the UK government should give priority to rebuilding the domestic fishing industry and that Brexit would need to create thousands of jobs to be a success.

Mr Lines said: “You want the raw materials to be cut and sold and if we are smart we have to make a lot of money.

“We can supply half of the fish we need to Europe.

“Instead of catching our boats, we can catch and supply it. This is our market.

“Fishermen are the ones who will lose, the processors will not do it in such a way that the raw material will come anywhere.

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“The Dutch, French and Belgian fishing industries have extended 40 years through grant vaccinations and opportunities.”

He continued: “We are 40 years old now, Brexit has to change tables on his death.

“We have had to rebuild the industry and create 12,000 jobs around Great Britain in fishing.

“It’s just as easy and if it weren’t for us, Brexit would be a complete failure.”

“I have seen the quota fall to the point where we have one ship left.

“We struggle to make ends meet with what we have left.”

He added: “We gave it all to be part of Europe, now we want it back.

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“We want to see their boats cut, we want to see their new modern fleet go because we want them to.”

“As a country we have to have this, if we are going to survive on our own, we have everything we can bring to play to make money.”

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