Briano Taylor T-shirt to be investigated by FIA in Lewis Hamilton

Lewis hamilton

Hamilton, a six-time Formula One champion who claimed the 90th race of his career on Sunday, had the words “Ares the course do W O W O Bruna Taylor” on the front and “Say his name” on a picture. Wear T-shirt with. Before the race and behind Taylor at the podium ceremony.

An FIA spokesman told CNN: “We are in the process of considering what will happen in the next race.”

The spokesman did not confirm which rules Hamilton would investigate.

Taylor was killed at his Louisville home in March after three field police officers issued “no-knock” warrants.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron Checking The incident is being investigated and the FBI is investigating whether Taylor’s civil rights were violated. Taylor’s mother has filed a lawsuit in civil court against three officials identified in connection with her death.
No official has been charged with the crime. Two officers remained on the force, while one was third Dismissed And is appealing to withdraw his job.

Hamilton posted on Twitter with photos of himself wearing a T-shirt, “It’s been 6 months since Bruna Taylor was murdered by police in her own home. No justice has been done yet. We are not silent. Will stay. “

Hamilton Sunday  Displays his T-shirt during the Tuscan GP.

He added at a post-race conference: “It took me a long time to get that shirt and I want to wear it and raise awareness about the fact that there are people dying on the streets and there is someone who Killed in their own home.

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“We have to keep raising awareness … I think we just have to keep emphasizing the issue.”

A win in the Tuscan GP means Hamilton are now a little short of Michael Schumacher’s 91-run winning record in F1.

The 35-year-old Bollywood made a powerful voice during the Black Lives Matters movement. Urged Motorsort to do more to combat caste And Joined a BLM protest in London earlier this year.

He has also announced plans to set up a commission in his name to diversify motorsports.

Elizabeth Joseph and Susanna Cullenne of CNN contributed to this report.

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