Facebook wants to expand its platform of paid events to the sports world

Facebook wants to expand its platform of paid events to the sports world

Announced in March this year, Facebook’s new paid living options have a new goal: the game world. According to company officials, he spoke to CNBC, the idea being to turn the social network into a means of sharing matches between high school teams and leagues with less appeal, while generating income for the teams involved.

Rob Shaw, Facebook’s director of sports media and league partnerships, said he believes broadcasting will help speed up the model pay per view. “People are willing to pay to experience a moment,” the executive said. “One thing I noticed, though, is that I don’t think people are willing to start with membership right away.”

Currently available to select users, paid live broadcasts allow you to sell “tickets” to interested viewers. Although at the moment all proceeds have been returned to the organization of events, the social network already expects a change in the rules in August – which should be accompanied by a maintenance fee for the company.

Pay attention to small events

To broadcast a program, an entity must first ask for permission and undergo an integrity check. Facebook claims that it actively monitors broadcasts to avoid sharing explicit content, but makes no distinction between the formats used – from videos teaching a recipe to an entire sports tournament. It is possible.

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During the testing phase, the Social Network Challenge was successful with the broadcast of Miami, a professional triathlon challenge that charged US $ 2.99 ($ ​​15.76 in direct conversions) for virtual tickets. With more than 17,000 people worldwide, he had an audience that was mostly located outside the United States (70%).

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Since last year, UEFA via Facebook Watch has been receiving a large audience segment in broadcasting competitions such as the Champions League and the Copa Libertadores de America, but they are not the targets of the new initiative. At least for now, the platform should target local leagues, underreported sports and unique events – precisely those that do not have to deal with television contracts, including clauses that broadcast theirs via social networks Let’s stop.

Source: Cnbc

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