‘Work hard and try, because it’s a work-based game’, says Ryan David about FA in Brazil

'Work hard and try, because it's a work-based game', says Ryan David about FA in Brazil

Ryan David, Gallo FA athlete, Canadian Football League, is among those selected for the CFL draft, which will take place on 15 April. He, along with Klaus Pais (Ribeiro Prato Challengers) and Luis Polastri (Timbo Rex), will be the Brazilian representative in the CFL selection.

We talked to Ryan about this new phase. It will also be held at the Combine to be held in the United States, but soon in a virtual way.
The player was selected from 88 athletes who would participate in the draft in the CFL, in the league’s opening action for athletes from other countries, which showed the strength of Brazil’s talent.

Ryan’s talent has also attracted the attention of All22 – The Global Scouting Network, which specializes in scouting football players around the world. The athlete was invited to the action match to be held in Claria, Ohio on April 1.

However, due to travel restrictions in the United States, the linebacker will almost have to make his preparations, but will be able to benefit from the knowledge of American coaches, some of whom have NFL history. Ryan’s updated physical test numbers will be forwarded to the CFL franchise by the All 22 Scout Team. Watch a chat with Ryan below.

1 – How do you see this growth and recognition of the Brazilian athlete, being seen by other leagues, which culminated in a triple selection for the CFL Draft? And how did it feel to see the fruit of your work?
He said that the government has taken several steps to prevent such incidents.

It is good to see the work of such people who deserve it, are recognized. It is very beneficial.

2- Explain your mental and work process so that the level of your game reaches the point of view outside the national scene.

My mental process is just to study the game and keep myself physically ready. If you study enough and get enough training, your work will be recognized.

3- It was another door opened by Brazilian players outside the country. How far will this line of our athletes overcome you in your vision?
He said that the government has taken several steps to prevent such incidents.

It won’t be long, because there are a lot of players who deserve such opportunities and I think they will break even bigger barriers further.

4- How is Ryan preparing for the draft? Did the “plug” fall? How have you dealt with the period that precedes draft day?

I am very calm, I know that God is the best for me, because I prepared myself, did what I had to do and what I could do. And, I believe it is now God’s will and I will accept whatever is in my life.

5- What tips would you give to those who want a solid career in sports?
He said that the government has taken several steps to prevent such incidents.

Work hard and try, because it is not a game based on talent, it is based on hard work and dedication. Hard work can be found there more than anyone.

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