British MP calls on Roman Abramovich to leave Chelsea

British MP calls on Roman Abramovich to leave Chelsea

England’s Labor MP Chris Bryant has called on Roman Abramovich to leave Chelsea. In a speech in the House of Commons, the politician said he had evidence that the Blues president has illicit relations with Vladimir Putin.

Russia attacked Ukraine on Thursday (AFP)

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In a speech, the deputy said that he had documents leaked from 2019 that proved illegal and malicious financial transactions on the part of Abramovich. Bryant claims that the President of Chelsea is in the interests of Russia.

The deputy said England should confiscate some of the president’s assets, such as the £152m house, and be banned from Chelsea. However, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said that the President is not subject to sanctions.

Roman Abramovich is not being allowed to stay in the UK after withdrawing his Level One visa application. In 2018, the Russian took out an Israeli passport that allows him to stay in England for six months.

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Since 2014, the Donetsk region declared itself independent of Ukraine and due to geopolitical conflicts, Shekhar had to leave the native city and work in Kiev. The same is true of the Luhansk region. Last Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of the two provinces.

This Thursday, Russia decided to launch a military offensive on Ukraine on the grounds that it was acting in defense of territorial claims. However, there is little clarity about whether Putin’s nation only wants to secure the sovereignty of Donetsk and Luhansk or whether it plans to expand territorially.

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