British will expedite Boeing 787 recall after ‘pin in the wrong hole’ incident

British will expedite Boeing 787 recall after 'pin in the wrong hole' incident

The collapse of British Airways’ Boeing 787 landing gear (and the damage it caused) was attributed to a . could have been stopped by Memory And now the airline is chasing down lost time.

Photo: AIBB

hey preliminary report The AIBB, the British agency responsible for investigating air incidents and accidents, reported that poor instruction and a lack of oversight prompted a mechanic to install a locking pin in the wrong hole. A short stature mechanic would not have properly instructed a taller professional, as well as not checked his work, testing the aircraft in improper condition.

Boeing already knew it could happen again, as a similar case was reported at its facilities in 2018. Since then, the manufacturer has investigated the matter and found that there was a very strong similarity between the two fittings in the landing gear, leading to confusion. .

As a result, the manufacturer issued a bulletin to operators, warning of potential confusion and how to avoid it, with visual alerts and reinforcing process instructions through staff training. Reinforcement about the process, which had already been done twice by the British through posters and emails, the last being a week before the incident, but this was not enough to stop what happened.

In the same bulletin issued in 2020, the manufacturer indicates that such a treatment could be implemented by airlines with a deadline of 2023, which is why the British had not done so yet. now, according to flight globalThe company is expediting the process, although it has not given a time frame for finalizing the Boeing recall.

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