CAECM Accuses Plagiarism for Monster Design in RE Village

CAECM Accuses Plagiarism for Monster Design in RE Village

the director Richard Raforst, Who led the horror film in 2013 Frankenstein’s army, Charged that Capcom Will steal the design of one of the game’s monsters Resident Evil Village.

Rafforst comments on his personal frustration Linkedin, Where he shared some images describing how the head of Resident Evil Village would resemble the monster in his film.


In his post, the director stated that “This is a monster film in which I made myself, one of which was used – completely in Final Resolution Evil without authorization or credit”, Referring to the chief Strum, Which has an airplane engine in place of the chest.

Profile of the major in question which is practically identical Twitter @CloneKorp Created a thread showing how many other monsters in the factory area in Willows are similar to those seen in Raforst’s film.

So far, Capcom has not taken any position on the case.

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