Calculations suggest Chinese rocket may be out of control in Brazil

Calculations suggest Chinese rocket may be out of control in Brazil

Hey The Chinese Long March 5B rocket, which is expected to hit the ground this Sunday (9), There is a chance to reach some area of ​​the Brazilian territory. Calculations by the meteorological company Klima Ao Vivo and by the Brazilian Community of Meteorological Observation Network (Bramon) by the international community show that the probability of re-entry into Brazil is 1.48%. The forecast was updated at 6 pm on Friday (7).

The calculation predicts that recirculation in the Earth’s orbit should occur around 9h53 the following Sunday (9), for the time of Brasilia, more or less, with a margin of error of 12 hours. During this period, he must pass through Brazil at least four times. Chances of seeing her are 3%.

The rocket was used by China to launch the main module of the country’s first permanent space station into orbit. Upon entering Earth’s atmosphere, the Long March 5B can be divided into several pieces, arriving at different locations. About 60% and 80% of the rocket must be fully vaporized before reaching a height of 60 km. Resisting parts must continue to deteriorate for kilometers until atmospheric resistance reduces the speed of the pieces.

CEO of Clima Ao Vivo, Danielson Rocha stated that “every hour that passes, the calculations are done again and are more accurate, but what we can guarantee is that if Brazil re-enters, around 350 Klima cameras Ao Vivo and Bramon will register the event “.

The remaining rocket debris is expected to spread along the Earth’s surface, slowing down and zeroing the risk of explosions.

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* With information from CNN Brasil

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