Canadian companies provide employment opportunities to Brazilians. Rede jornal kontabilu

Canadian companies provide employment opportunities to Brazilians.  Rede jornal kontabilu

Companies in Canada are offering job vacancies to Brazilians, with 30 vacancies distributed to 30 companies in that country. The opportunities are focused on the information technology sector.

Canada job vacancies

There are 200 job vacancies in 30 companies located in the city of Montreal, Canada. Opportunities are unique to Brazilians with training and knowledge in the field of information technology. Recruitment is taking place online through the Montreal International organization. This is the “Les Journeys Quebec Tech” process, which will be 100% online.

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So, if you want to get an opportunity abroad, on May 23, 2021 at 6 pm, the organization will hold a session in Portuguese to better explain how the recruitment will work and clarify the doubts of the candidates. . Places are limited and registrations are done through the immigration website.

Anyone interested in a job opening in Canada will have until June 13 to register on the Talent Montreal website.

When the application period ends, the company will contact the selected candidates to conduct the interview between 14 and 23 June. The company will give all possible help to the approved candidates to obtain a work permit.

See posts that are available and which one is suitable for you

Companies are seeking information technology professionals to occupy the following positions:

  • Developers of technologies (fullstack, front-end and back-end): Java / .NET / C # / Javascript / C ++;
  • IT Business Analyst;
  • DevOps;
  • data scientist;
  • Server administrator;
  • Technology architects;
  • Data science marketing analyst;
  • DevOps Engineer;
  • Automated infrastructure analyzer;
  • Java Technician;
  • Data architect;
  • business Analyst;
  • Cyber ​​security consultant;
  • Code Infrastructure Analyzer;
  • Analyst Programmer in Java;
  • Special education teacher (primary or secondary);
  • Director of Planning, Programming and Research;
  • Organizational Project Manager;
  • Product Coach;
  • QA Automation;
  • DevOps;
  • Cyber ​​Security Analyst – Entrance Examination;
  • Business Process Architect;
  • Programming analyst;
  • Functional analyst;
  • DevOps Specialist;
  • scrum Master;
  • Data anonymity advisor;
  • Java developer;
  • Preschool and elementary school teachers;
  • front end Developer;
  • Azure Solutions Leader;
  • elementary School teacher.
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