Can’t we do without cell phones? “We’re Used To”

Can't we do without cell phones?  "We're Used To"

Psychoanalyst Alexander Kontik spoke about the impact of mobile phones on our lives.

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“When I want to take a break from work, it’s an opportunity to communicate with my loved ones without that device, not to mediate forever, or to go into virtuality with a mobile phone.”, They say Conti For “RTS”. Mobile phones have made our lives easier and in a way more beautiful, but not everything is so good.

“It’s easier to read a book online than to go to the library, it’s easier to send a picture to a friend than to look at it, and every time we see a picture on Instagram our brain secretes dopamine. We become addicted.” We are constantly looking for something on our mobile“, explains the psychoanalyst Alexander Kontik. It’s one thing to be friends on social media, and another thing to have “real” friends.

“And how many friends do you have in the real world, who are these people with whom you share your experiences and love, that bothers you – is it in reality or in the virtual world?“He was amazed Conti.

He says that when you have an interlocutor in the real world, you communicate not only on that conscious level but also on an unconscious level, and the mobile phone is only a mediator, “For some, this machine is your own body. becomes an extension of.

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Can you do without a cell phone?

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