Capital invasion due to a wave of layoffs among the Capital Alliance. world

Capital invasion due to a wave of layoffs among the Capital Alliance.  world

Many people associated with the government of Donald Trump Resigned after the events of Wednesday (6) Supporters of the president created ruckus in the Capitol. This Thursday (7), it was the turn of the Transport Secretaries, Elaine Chao, And education, Betsy DeVosThe first member of the Office of the President to decide.

DeVos announced his resignation in a letter sent to Trump on Thursday, which he blamed for the attack on the Capitol.

In a letter obtained by “The Wall Street Journal” newspaper, the Education Secretary wrote, “The impact his rhetoric has had on the situation is undeniable. And for me, this is the turning point.” “Children are watching all this and learning from us.”

US education secretary Betsy DeVos in a photo from August 12, 2020 – Kevin LaMarck / Reuters

DeVos is expected to go down this Friday (8). His departure was made public following the announcement of Chao’s resignation, which is scheduled to leave the Department of Transportation next Monday (11).

Chao, who is the wife of Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell, said on social media that it was “an honor for his life” to serve in the post, but that he quit after being “to absorb” the facts of yesterday decided to. .

“Today, there was a lot of test of discretion and discussion. Obviously, it was the right thing,” he wrote.

US Secretary of Transportation Ellen Chao, accompanied by her husband, Senator Mitch McConnell, during the inauguration on January 3 in the Capitol and Washington DC – Photo: Samuel Quorum / via Pool AP.

The Capitol Police were heavily criticized for their reaction during the invasion, with the corporation’s chief, Steven A. Sundar, announcing through a spokesman that he was resigning from his post, and that he would leave the command on the 16th. His departure was requested. Meyer, Nancy Pelosi.

Outside government, but still close to the president, on Thursday also lawyer Jerome Marcus, who represented the Trump campaign in one of the first cases in which the 2020 presidential election result was challenged, resigned. He told a federal judge that “the client used the services of a lawyer to commit the crime”.

“The client insists on taking measures that the lawyer finds disgusting and with which the lawyer fundamentally disagrees,” Marcus wrote to the court on Thursday, seeking a return to a case in which the Trump campaign sued the County Lion Council Filed Philadelphia where vote-processing supervisors could reside.

Also on Wednesday or Thursday morning, five names from the Trump administration announced they would be leaving the administration after the events on Capitol Hill. They were:

  • Stephanie Grisham, Former White House communications director and former press secretary and current head of First Lady Melania Trump
  • Ryan Tully, Senior director for European and Russian affairs, resigned from the National Security Council
  • Matt pottinger, Deputy National Security Advisor
  • John costelloDeputy Assistant Secretary of Intelligence and Security in Commerce Department
  • Mick Mulvane, Former Trump chief and current special envoy of Northern Ireland
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