Capital ‘Viking’ refuses to eat in jail for lack of organics – 01/11/2021

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Hey Extremists who wore horns On US Congress Invasion Today it made its first appearance in federal court that investigates action taken by radical groups. More than 90 people Already arrested.

Jacob Chansley, known as Jake Angeli, attended the videoconferencing session, as he is imprisoned in isolation for the containment against Kovid-19.

In an interview with ABC’s affiliate in Arizona, Jake’s mother, Martha Chansley, said, her son has been without food since Friday (8) because the series does not offer organic food. He also defended his son’s action. “He is a patriot and kind person I know,” he said.

Chasley is a native of the state of Arizona and will respond in court to violent entry and disorderly conduct on the grounds of the Capitol and legally entering into any prohibited building or land without a legal right / possession.

Always a reference to traditional American indigenous people or Vikings, 33-year-old activists, members of Far right organization QAnon, Is already photographed with militants in other protests Donald Trump.

According to the publication, Jake Angeli carefully listened to the allegations against him, but gave no response. He said that he is still providing a lawyer.

In an interview with ABC Channel, he said, “I’m not really worried because I honestly didn’t break any rules. I came in through the open door.”

The public defender, representing Jake, said in court that he has a highly restricted diet for religious reasons, and because he has not eaten since his arrest.

The judge responded that it was “deeply worrying” and ordered Jake’s public guard to work before the US Representative Service to resolve the issue of detention meals.


Inspired by Trump, supporters gathered near the Capitol last Wednesday (6), to protest against the certification of victory Joe Biden In the 2020 election. After exhausting all options to try to reverse the outcome of the November elections, Trump appealed to his supporters, assuring them that it was possible to prevent Biden and Kamala Harris from being official.

The invasion occurred soon after being interrupted by an objection in the joint session of Congress, won by Biden, by Republican lawmakers, for the election result in the state of Arizona.

Deputies and senators had to hide under their seats, and Vice President Mike Pence was removed from the building.

In addition to the police, snipers and other security forces were called in to stop the protesters. At least five people diedAccording to Washington Police.

However, the uproar did not stop the session from continuing, which resumed at 8 pm local time (10 am Brasilia time) and ended in authenticating Biden during the night.

By inciting protesters, Trump is now in danger of being removed from office through the 25th Amendment, which addresses the president’s incompetence. Also, if the amendment is not initiated by Deputy Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi warned that Congress would act to withdraw Trump.

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