Cargo with Ukrainian grain enters Russian waters

Cargo with Ukrainian grain enters Russian waters

hey According to the specialized website Marine Traffic, Zhibek Zoli, anchored in the port of Karasu on the Black Sea, delivered its latest signal about 20 kilometers off the Turkish coast, which allows monitoring of maritime traffic in real time.

According to a senior Turkish official, the vessel “entered Russian territorial waters, but did not approach any port”, for now.

Turkish news agency DHA reported that the cargo ship had suspended a ‘transponder’, a device used to track ships at sea.

Ukrainian authorities regret that the boat may leave the Turkish coast, demanding an explanation from Ankara.

“We regret that the stolen Ukrainian grain-laden Russian ship Zhibek Zoli was allowed to leave Karasu port despite evidence (…) to the Turkish authorities,” Ukrainian diplomacy spokesman Oleg Nikolenko wrote on Twitter. ,

“The Turkish ambassador in Kyiv will be asked to clarify this unacceptable position,” the spokesman said.

On Wednesday, Russian diplomacy acknowledged that a Turkish investigation was underway on the ship, and a crew member cited by Russian news agency TASS said the ship’s cargo would be transferred to another carrier, so that Zhibek Zoli would be reunited. can be dispatched.

Ukraine, which accuses Russia of stealing its wheat crop, alleges that Zhybek Zoli, which sailed from the Russian-held Ukrainian port of Burdiansk last Thursday, loaded with 7,000 tonnes of illegally obtained grain.

Turkish officials have been silent on this matter since the beginning of the case.

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