Casa Branca tries to get infrastructure package ‘back on track’ – poca Negócios

Casa Branca tries to get infrastructure package 'back on track' - poca Negócios

President Joe Biden plans to introduce the package to the population on trips across the country and is confident the text will become law (Photo: DoD – Photo by First Class Navy NCO Carlos M. Vazquez II)

The White House is trying to get a bipartisan deal “back on track” by US President Joe Biden for an infrastructure package. Yesterday (25) Republican senators rejected the president’s demand that the bill go through Congress with another major investment proposal, which would only be sponsored by Democrats.

Tensions cooled on Saturday after US government advisers Steve Richetti and Louisa Terrell assured senators that Biden was upbeat about the deal, though the president said he would be on the bipartisan bill if he was not with the Democratic proposal will not sign.

According to a person familiar with the aides’ calls to lawmakers, Biden’s team portrayed the consequences of his comments as nothing more than a back-and-forth in Washington talks. The head of the White House plans to offer the package to people on trips across the country and is confident the text will become law, said the source, who was not allowed to discuss private conversations publicly and asked anonymity. Spoke on condition. still do that,” Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, the main negotiator for the Republican side, said in an interview Friday. “It’s great for America. Our infrastructure is in terrible condition,” he said.

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