CERAK’s new story video, Pagal stopped another girl, was again filmed by SECURITY CAMERAS (VIDEO)

CERAK's new story video, Pagal stopped another girl, was again filmed by SECURITY CAMERAS (VIDEO)

A few days after the video disturbed the public, which shows a man stopping girls at the entrance to buildings in the Belgrade neighborhood of Serak, another scary video appeared on the social network.

That is, the new recording is circulating on Twitter, with users claiming that the same man, who stopped another girl this time in front of the building’s entrance, also on Serak, was recorded by security cameras.

You can watch the video Here.

The video shows that, it seems, he was following the girl who entered the building while she was running down the door with her pants down. However, as she managed to close the door well, Pagel failed to enter the building behind her. He remained in front of the entrance for a short time, which was recorded by the cameras, but he escaped quickly.

The attacker wore a protective mask on his face.

By the way, a 33-year-old man was arrested a few days ago after it was suspected that he sexually assaulted two girls in two separate buildings in the Belgrade neighborhoods of Vovdovec and Serak. However, she was released because the girls did not recognize her in police.

The man was then released.

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