‘Challenger: Final Flight’ sheds light on missing astronauts, their families

'Challenger: Final Flight' sheds light on missing astronauts, their families

The Netflix Documents, “Challenge: The final flight, “Tells the tragic story of Space Shuttle Challenger Destruction.

On January 28, 1986, its flight, in a shuttle, took just 73 seconds Exploded and killed All seven crew members were aboard because the world was watching in horror.

The crew was involved Five NASA astronauts and two salaried specialists: Commander Francis R. Scooby, Pilot Michael J. Smith, mission experts Ronald McNair, Allison Onizuka and Judith Resnick, payroll experts Gregory Jarvis and Krista McAuliffe, who were also teachers.

In a four-part series, viewers learn who these brave men were, what caused the fatal accident, and how the Challenger’s story serves as a cautionary tale of space travel and exploration.

Challenging exposure amid spoiled space destruction

“Telling the stories of astronauts and their families was the real creative force behind the series,” executive producer Glenn Zipper told Fox News.

“One of the few things in our recent history that brings us together is our vision of space exploration.” “And we thought that telling this story now might remind us that we have simple things and that is the privatization of the place where we have Jeff Bezos, Alan Musk and SpaceX going to the next frontier and inside. . The danger still exists. So this series also serves as a precautionary story so as not to make the same mistakes again. “

Dick Scooby’s widow, June Scooby Rogers, also appeared in the series and hopes viewers will see that “the challenging astronauts were real people.”

“They were husbands and wives, parents, children,” she told Fox News. “He was a great driver for people representing all religions and cultures.”

Articles from the 1986 Challenger Disorder for Applications

While it is painful for Scooby Raiders to relive those memories, she also feels that “it was a pleasure to see my husband at the peak of his career as the commander of that shuttle launch and flight.”

After her husband’s death, she has been able to forgive the “people responsible for the accident” to move on with her life.

Challenger 7 Crew (LR): Allison S. Onizuka; Barbara Morgan, Dick Scooby; Krista McAuliffe; Judith Resnick; Mike Smith; And Ronald McNair.
(Public Domain / NASA)

“If you don’t forgive, you can’t move on with your life. You’re stuck in a place of anger or grief … so I started turning that grief into a creative into a will to work with families. The Challenger Center, which is ongoing [their] “Mission,” he said. “We want children to enjoy the things our loved ones are risking for their lives.”

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“Challenger: Final Flight” is now available on Netflix.

Fox News’ Ashley Dwarkin contributed to this report.

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