Champions, Rebecca Andrade and Isaacius Queiroz take the 2021 Brasil Olimpico Prize in Tokyo

Champions, Rebecca Andrade and Isaacius Queiroz take the 2021 Brasil Olimpico Prize in Tokyo

This Tuesday night, the winners of the 2021 Brazil Olympic Awards were announced, honoring the top names in the national sport in 2021. Rebecca Andrade and Isaacius Queiroz, who won gold medals at the Tokyo Olympic Games, took the main categories of best athletes. The ceremony took place at the Teatro Tobias Barreto in Aracaju.

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Rebecca was competing with Ana Marcella Cunha, gold in the aquatic marathon, and Resa Leal, silver, in the skate park. In addition to gold in the vault, the gymnast won silver in the all-round. Meanwhile, Isaacius overtook Italo Ferreira, gold in surfing, and Hebert Concicao, gold in boxing. The canoeing athlete’s gold medal came in the C1 1000 m category.

The athlete’s award from fans went to Fernanda Gare, who retired from the women’s volleyball team in Tokyo with 41% of the votes – a record more than 400 thousand people voted on the Brazilian Olympic Committee website.

In addition to the maximum prizes for the night, there was a winner for each mod for performances during the season. Watch highlights by game:

Athletics – Alison dos Santos

Badminton – Yegor Coelho

3×3 Basketball – Fabrisio Verissimo

5 x 5 Basketball – Clarissa dos Santos

Baseball – Thiago Vieira

Boxing – Hebert Conceicao

Canoeing Slalom – Ana Satilla

Canoeing Speed ​​- Isaacius Queiroz

Freestyle BMX Cycling – Eduarda Bourdignon

BMX Racing Cycling – Renato Regende

Road Cycling – Vinicius Rangelu

Mountain Bike Cycling – Henrik Avansini

Track Cycling – Velida Rodrigues

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Snow Sports – Michelle Macedo

Ice Sports – Nicole Silveira

Sport Climbing – Felipe Ho Foganholo

Esgrima – Nathalie Moelhausen

Football – Richardson

Artistic Gymnastics – Rebecca Andrade

Trampoline Gymnastics – Camilla Gomes

Rhythmic Gymnastics – Duda Arkaki

Golf – Alexandre Rocha

Handball – Bruna de Paula

Equestrian Dressage – Joao Victor Oliva

Horse Riding CCE – Carlos Parros

Equestrian Jumping – Marlon Zanotelli

Hockey on Grass and Indoor – Vinicius Wazu

Judo – Myra Aguero

Karate – Vinicius Figueira

Weightlifting – Jacqueline Ferreira

Aquatic Marathon – Ana Marcella Cunha

Artistic Swimming – Laura Mikusi and Luisa Borges

Swim – Bruno Fratus

Modern Pentathlon – Danilo Fagundes

Water Polo – Ana Beatriz Mantelato

Remo – Lucas Worthin

Rugby – Isadora Cerulo

Diving – Kavan Pereira

Skate – Rayssa Leal

Softball – Mariana Pereira

Surf – Italo Ferreira

Taekwondo – Milena Titanelik

Tennis – Luisa Stefani and Laura Pigossi

Table Tennis – Hugo Calderano

Archery – Marcus D’Almeida

Sport Shooting – Felipe Wu

Triathlon – Vittoria Lopes

Vela – Martin Grail and Kahena Kunzez

Volleyball – Fernanda Garay

Beach Volleyball – Duda Lisbon

Wrestling – Lais Nuneso

Before the ceremony, four athletes were immortalized in the Brazilian Olympic Committee’s Hall of Fame: Magic Paula, silver in basketball at the 1996 Atlanta Games, Sébastien Cutrin, who won 11 medals at the Pan American Games in canoeing, and the late Adhemar. Ferreira da Silva, two-time Olympic champion in the triple jump, and Tetsuo Okamoto, Brazil’s first Olympic medalist in swimming: bronze in the 1,500 m freestyle at Helsinki 1952.

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Janeth dos Santos Arcán, one of the main attractions of the women’s basketball generation, who won silver in Atlanta 1996 and bronze in Sydney 2000, received the Adhemar Ferreira da Silva Trophy. The award represents the creative and positive values ​​of sport. The former athlete was honored by Adhemar’s daughter Adiel Silva.

Resa Leal, Fadinha takes the Inspire Trophy, which congratulates a prominent woman in the Olympic movement in Brazil. In Tokyo, the 13-year-old athlete won a silver medal in street skateboarding.

Four coaches received trophies for their performances in command of athletes in 2021: Mateus Alves (boxing), Lauro Jr. (speed canoeing), Francisco Porth (artistic gymnastics) and André Jardin (men’s football – team sport).

Prior to the Tokyo Games, the largest number of medals won by Brazil in an edition of the Olympics was in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. During that time, the country reached the podium 19 times with seven gold, six silver and six bronze. In Japan, Brazilians reached the 21 medal mark with seven gold, six silver and eight bronze medals.

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