Formula E prepares tests with charging equipment and could return with pit-stops in 2023

Formula E prepares tests with charging equipment and could return with pit-stops in 2023

Formula E could return to pit-stops from next year

Photo: Formula E / Grand Prix

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A new fast-charging device will be tested by Formula E next June between races in Jakarta and Marrakech, and the category could be back in the pits in its disputes from next year. Pit stops were part of the sport for its first four seasons, but were dropped after Gen2 cars were implemented. Now, with the introduction of Gen3s next year, it’s possible they will return.

According to additional information from the English portal The Race, the teams supplying the category will have the opportunity to conduct tests in June at an undisclosed location with the new fast-charging element manufactured by Swiss company ABB. [focada em tecnologia de energia e automação]Formula E partner.


Formula E supply teams will test new charging equipment that pit-stops could bring back (Photo: Formula E)

However, the tests will not all happen at the same time. While UK-based manufacturers – NIO, Jaguar and Mahindra – will take them to England, European automakers – Nissan, Porsche and DS – will participate in the experience elsewhere in Europe.

The next season of Formula E will see the new Gen3 cars, which promise to be the fastest in the history of the category while also introducing new technologies such as the most efficient batteries. In addition to faster recharging – which may be fundamental in the return of the pit-stop – energy management takes place more intelligently, which will increase the range of strategic possibilities.

Despite the novelty, not all characters on the grid were excited by the prospect. Stlantis Group CEO – DS and Maserati owner – Jean-Marc Finot questioned the relevance of the equipment and how it would be introduced into racing.

Finot is the CEO of Stelantis Group, which owns Maserati – which will debut in Formula E next year (Photo: Maserati)


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“We have to talk, because there are pros and cons to this kind of demo. [técnica], We don’t have a specific philosophy”, he told The Race while in Rome. “It’s interesting to show fast charging because in a radical car, fast charging is fundamental to the range and distance of cars, but we’ll have to see if it’s a sport. is relevant from the point of view of the

The next leg of the championship marks the start of Formula E in Jakarta, Indonesia, and will be held on 4 June. As for the next race, in Marrakech, exactly a month later – on 2 July – the test is expected to take place in the period between one race and the other.

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