Cher apologizes for tweet about George Floyd The Music Journal Brazil

Cher apologizes for tweet about George Floyd The Music Journal Brazil
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Cher apologizes for George Floyd’s tweet

Singer Cher apologized after negative feedback from her followers that she could have saved the life of George Floyd, a victim of police brutality.

Cher has seen coverage of the ongoing trial of policeman Derek Chauvin, whose controversial actions led to Floyd’s death in May 2020, sparking numerous protests around the world by the Black Lives Matter movement, but fans and singer’s followers Socialists on the network thought she had gone too far when the singer suggested that if she had been there, she could have saved George’s life.

Cher tweeted, “I was talking to Mom and she said, ‘I saw a policeman’s trial in which George Floyd was killed and I cried.” “I said, ‘Mom, I know this sounds crazy, but I kept thinking … maybe if I were there … I could help (sic), he continued.”

The negative reaction from fans was immediate. In this situation Cher returned to the network and tried to explain: “I thought that some people (people) would not understand, or believe that an artist could have honest feelings about a human being, a victim and Can die, even if it is only shown on TV. You don’t know what I did, who I am or what I believe. I can, I have done, and I will … help (sic) “

He continued, apologizing to the fans: “I hung up the phone with my friend Karen. I told him what happened and realized, that I can end people and hurt them for not knowing everything that is not fair to say. If I trouble anyone in the community, I go to God. I know my (heart) (sis) ”.

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