Chile relaxes vaccinations and eases measures after decline in COVID cases – 07/15/2021

Chile relaxes vaccinations and eases measures after decline in COVID cases - 07/15/2021

Chile began a period for the first time in months with more people on the streets and indoor areas of cinemas, museums and bars and restaurants, and from today it will begin with less stringent measures and more benefits for those in the covid-19 pandemic. will face. Vaccination, the number of infected is facing a huge decline.

The streets of Santiago have come to life again, and gyms, sports facilities, theaters and senior centers are back to work in much of the country, after a year and a half of stringent measures that have kept many of these venues intact. Is allowed. few weeks.

“Today’s information is very positive. We have had a daily drop in new cases of 40% over the past two weeks, and the number of tests coronavirus With a positive result is 3.3%, the lowest since records began”, observed Health Minister Enrique Paris.

Chile’s territory has so far reported 1.59 million COVID-19 cases and 34,207 deaths, but the pandemic appears to be fading after three months of a severe second wave. The health care system has been put on ropes, but now, starting next week, people in the capital will no longer be quarantined on weekends for the first time since March.

In recent days, the number of active cases has dropped by 70%, and new infections were below 2,500 per day, with 2,336 in the past 24 hours.

incentive to vaccinate

Those who have a vaccination card 14 days after the completion of the vaccination plan against COVID-19 and which the government started issuing in May, will be able to avail more benefits. So far, the document has not provided many additional rights.

According to health officials, the voucher will be “of central importance” from this week, as it will allow establishments to double their current capacity. Apart from allowing free movement in the quarantined mohallas, this would be the only way to enter the closed spaces.

The country has implemented one of the most successful vaccination procedures against COVID-19 in the world, currently reaching over 84% of the target population with one dose and over 75% with two injections. Most of them were vaccinated with CoronaVac, and some with vaccines from Pfizer, AstraZeneca and CanSino.

It is the first time that Chile has changed the government’s 2020 strategy to fight the pandemic, an initiative announced a week ago by President Sebastian Pinera. The proposal would allow the country to gradually recover from the long stagnation that caused the economy to fall by 5.8% in 2020.

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