China bans members of Trump administration | International News and Analysis | DW

China bans members of Trump administration |  International News and Analysis |  DW

China on Wednesday banned about 30 people who became part of former President Donald Trump’s government when Republicans left the White House.

In a statement issued just minutes after President Joe Biden took office, Beijing has banned entry into Chinese territory and trade in the Asian country, Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who Tuesday (19/01) The repression was called by the Chinese massacre government by the Muslim Uyghur minority, Trump’s national security adviser Robert O’Brien, and United Nations ambassador to the United Nations, Kelly Craft.

Trump’s advisor on economic affairs affected by the sanctions was Peter Navarro, his senior diplomat for Asia, David Stillwell, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar. The list also includes former National Security Advisor John Bolton and strategist Stephen Bannon.

The sanctions have a more symbolic effect, but reinforce Beijing’s antipathy to the United States government considered hostile by China.

“In recent years, some American anti-China politicians have planned, promoted and driven a series of lunatics, driven by selfish political interests and prejudice and hatred against China, and without any consideration for the interests of the Chinese and the American people. Has executed, which has interfered in China’s internal affairs, undermining Chinese interests, enraged Chinese people and severely disrupted relations between China and the United States, “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in the statement.

The Trump administration has been putting more pressure on China since last year, and even more intensely in recent months. During his last weeks, Trump imposed sanctions on several members of the Chinese government for action in Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the South China Sea.

“Better Future”

On Thursday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying told reporters that his country hoped Biden would improve prospects for both countries and boost bilateral relations. “After a very difficult and unusual period, both the Chinese and the American people are entitled to a better future,” he said.

Chunying said the two countries needed to restart cooperation initiatives in several areas and Biden’s decision to put the United States in the World Health Organization and bring the country back to the Paris Agreement to combat climate change. Praised.

“Many people in the international community are waiting for Sino-American relations to contribute appropriately and jointly address the important and urgent challenges facing the world,” he said.

The spokesman criticized Pompeo and other officials of the Trump administration approved by Beijing. “In recent years, the Trump administration, particularly Pompeo, has buried many mines in the Sino-American relationship that need to be dismantled, burnt many bridges that need to be rebuilt and many roads Must be destroyed that need to be repaired. “

Experts say the Biden administration will seek to normalize relations with China, but it is unlikely that there will be significant changes in US policies related to international trade, Taiwan’s administration, human rights and the South China Sea, leading to jealousy in Beijing Increasing .

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