China shows first images taken on Mars by Rover Zurong

Imagens do robô Zhurong, em sua missão de exploração em Marte

Hey Chinese government Rover released two images taken on Mars by Zurong. Both show an area known as “Utopia Planitia”, not only the largest impact basin of “Utopia Planitia”red Planet”, But also of the entire solar system with a diameter of about 3.3 thousand kilometers.

The illustrations – one in color and the other in black and white – show parts of the terrain discovered by Zurong (which will focus its efforts along the northern region of Mars), as well as some details of the vehicle, such as its solar Panel or a camera that identifies and avoids obstacles that come in the way of the robot.


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The image, taken by Zurong on his exploration mission on Mars, shows part of the area called “Utopia Planitia” in the background. Image: China National Space Administration / Disclosure
Zurong robot images on its Mars exploration mission
Solar panels from China’s Zurong robot are displayed in an image drawn by a vehicle on Mars’ land. Image: China National Space Administration / Disclosure

Zurong is one of the essential parts of the Chinese Tianwen-1 mission, in which a satellite is also located Space, In addition to the landing module (“lander”) that stores the rover.

The objectives of the mission are quite ambitious: the first is to ensure the health of technology and communication controls designed for the mission, with Zurong playing the role of field discovery and media records.

On the other hand, the satellite will be in charge of locating a favorable terrain for combining the sample collection structure, when future missions return to the planet.

In addition to the images above, the Chinese government also released two videos of Zurong’s descent, which are still on the landing module. The capture was made by a satellite camera, which shows the capsule emanating from the satellite.

With his arrival, China became the third country to land on Mars before the Soviet Union and the United States. Zurong, weighing approximately 250 kg, carries six instruments of analysis, including sample collectors and geological and climatic studies from the Utopia Planitia region. He is expected to continue his work for about three months.

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