WhatsApp update takes the creation of stickers in a practical way

WhatsApp update takes the creation of stickers in a practical way

WhatsApp became increasingly popular in the lives of Brazilians and stickers took over the application. The way Brazilians express themselves is entirely through memes and this idea of ​​creating via WhatsApp has excited a lot of people, so it’s important to have a practical creation of stickers.

WhatsApp has come up with a tool to create stickers and stickers. But we warn you that the new function is done only on WhatsApp Web.

The new update is not expected to reach the mobile platform for smartphone users. However, the company wants to streamline the process.

Till now, for mobile WhatsApp users, they have to download third party sticker making app.

How to enter WhatsApp without web?

Before you learn how to make your own stickers, we’ll show you how to connect to WhatsApp via the web first, check it out!

Access WhatsApp Web from desktop (computer), it can be accessed by reading the QR code through the browser.

Open your WhatsApp by cell phone and find the 3 dots (menu) in the top right corner of the screen, when clicking, go to the connected device option.

After that, click on Connect to a device option, and your camera will be activated automatically.

Then open the WhatsApp web site in your browser, which is easily found on Google. The site will display a QR code.

Then, with the camera activated on your phone, point at the QR code displayed on your computer screen, this should take a few seconds.

After that you are already connected via WhatsApp Web!

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How to make idols?

So now let’s get to the best part! Make stickers, check it out!

With someone’s chat open on your computer, click the paperclip icon next to where you type the message.

Sticker option will appear, click on it.

This will open a file folder on your computer, there you have to select the image you want to make a sticker.

After that, use the tool that automatically appears to make the sticker your way. Finally, when finished, just save and send!

It makes it easier and more practical to create the best and most creative stickers.

So, now that you know the steps on how to make stickers in a practical way, forward this article to your friend who would also love to know.

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