Moving to Windows 11? Know the main bugs affecting the system

Moving to Windows 11?  Know the main bugs affecting the system

Windows 11 is finally with us. After four months of testing, the system was finally “ready” to reach the general public, but the discovery of a bug is almost certain for an operating system in its first moments in the hands of the general public.

For this reason, and given that computers are of great importance in the daily routine of users, it is important to consider whether it is worth upgrading to a new operating system immediately. To lay the cards on the table, canaltec Compiled the main bugs, errors and problems found in the operating system of Microsoft Which might convince you not to exit Windows 10, at least for now.

memory leak”

Since the trial versions of Windows 11, File Explorer had a problem: memory leaks. Each time the program is opened, a chunk of memory to hit It is allocated – and remains in this state – until the PC is restarted or you “nail-to-nail” the Windows Explorer process in Task Manager.

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Windows Explorer can “eat up” RAM memory on Windows 11 (Image: Igor Almenara / Canaltec)

A Windows 11 user can check if the problem affects him in a very simple way: Open Task Manager, organize the results by RAM consumption by clicking “Memory” and pressing Windows Key + E repeatedly to open multiple instances of File Explorer; After that, turn everything off. If the system is suffering from memory leaks, the original device should still have a lot of memory consumption, even if it is 100% off.

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windows 10 taskbar

If you’ve installed the new Windows 11 and ran the taskbar from your previous system, you’ve just run into another bug – even if you prefer the old style. This problem mainly affects those who expected the update on the computer through the installation assistant, the official tool from Microsoft.

Icons and functionality will all be different, but the taskbar will remain the same if affected by the bug (Image: mastermind173/reddit)

For this, there are two solutions: In the first, you can try to create a new local user account in order to force the appearance of the new taskbar; The second is to redo the installation of the new OS from scratch.

bug for internet tape

After updating, some users have found . got a connection from internet much slower than normal – This is another example of a bug. In this case, devices with network software Intel Killer simply “drops” UDP (User Datagram Protocol) packets under certain conditions and as a result, sites may take longer to load and streams may be corrupted – not even using one. vpn Please solve the problem.

Decreased performance in sports

Microsoft prides itself on making Windows the most secure Windows in OS history, but doesn’t comment that the features it enables may come at the expense of performance—such is the case with VBS, virtualization-based security. It is a security mechanism that uses hardware virtualization capabilities to create and isolate a secure area of ​​operating system memory.

Metro Exodus, the latest title in the franchise, has a performance degradation of up to 24% with VBS activated (Image: Playback/Deep Silver)

On newer computers shipped with Win 11, this feature is enabled by default. However, enabling the tool may affect gaming performance. Damage varies depending on the title tested, as shown by PC Gamer’s website. Horizon Zero Dawn, the effect was 25%, while in subway getaway, 24%, but far cry new dawn Only 5% suffered.

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problems with amd cpu

This problem is curious, mainly due to the fact that it was identified by amd: Windows 11 apparently doesn’t handle some features of the Ryzen family CPUs well – all generations, of course. The bottleneck is split into two parts, L3 memory latency (multiplied to 3 times on newer OSes) and incompatibility with the “preferred core” feature of load optimization per core.

Compatible AMD processors were all affected by a resource management issue and increased cache memory latency (Image: PLAYBACK/AMD)

It is not known exactly what kind of program the performance impact resides in, but AMD claims they will be mostly in memory latency sensitive applications and games. cash And in apps that take advantage of more powerful cores for foreground tasks. In more severe cases the damage can be up to 15%.

Unfortunately, there’s no fix for now, but the chipmaker says it works in partnership with Microsoft to release a fix in the form of an update later in the month of October.

Over time, it is likely that issues like this will be properly resolved through a software update; Until then, though, users should think about whether to switch the operating system just to pique their curiosity. All in all, Windows 11 additions are great, but is it worth the stress of finding some things out of place?

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