China will not interfere in border dispute with India, US told India

China has lashed out at the US after deputy secretary of state Stephen Biegun said Washington will push back against Beijing’s aggressive actions, including its “outsized” territorial claims on the border with India.

China on Thursday criticized the United States for “interfering” in the border situation with India, saying it had the capacity to resolve its disputes bilaterally between Beijing and New Delhi.

Chinese embassy spokesman Ji Rong was responding Monday to remarks by US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bigun, who said Washington was backtracking on Beijing’s offensive, including its “external” territorial claims on the Indian border. Will go

He said China supports a “fair, just and mutually acceptable solution through peaceful and friendly consultation”. The The two sides are in talks At various levels for a peaceful settlement of the border issue, he said.

“China and India have the potential to resolve their border disputes bilaterally. “We do not accept countries outside the region pointing fingers, interfering or provoking, which will only jeopardize regional peace and stability,” he added.

He also refuted Began’s remarks at the Leadership Summit hosted by the UG-India Strategic Partnership Forum on China’s “claim to sovereignty on the Indo-China border or in the Galvan Valley in the South Pacific”. Were critical of the demands. “And its” claim to national sovereignty over other countries’ territories and territorial waters. ”

Nations need to increase mutual understanding and friendly cooperation, and it is unfortunate that senior US officials have violated the rules of international relations and “fought on every front and exploited every opportunity that China has.” To slander and defame. ”

“The Chinese side strongly opposes this. We urge the United States to respect the facts and the truth, to stop spreading rumors and to stop spreading rumors, ”he said.

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He reiterated China’s claim that “it has never provoked any war or conflict in the last 70 years” and always maintained dialogue and dialogue with its neighbors on the basis of respecting historical facts to maintain regional peace and stability. Emphasis on resolving regional and maritime disputes.

He dismissed Began’s remarks about “hunting practices of the Chinese economy” and “technological piracy” as baseless, and said China was committed to a multilateral trading system and an open global economy.

He said issues related to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang were “China’s internal affairs” and “China does not accept external interference”.

He also noted that 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and India and both sides should follow the strategic guidance of the leaders of the two countries, strengthen mutual trust and cooperation. And differences should be resolved through dialogue and negotiation.

“As major developing countries and emerging economies, both China and India are pursuing independent foreign policies. We believe that China and India have the ability and wisdom to properly handle bilateral relations and to jointly maintain regional peace and stability.

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