Chinese solve ‘uncountable’ math problem in one night

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Young Chinese man solves math problem that doctors couldn’t solve for months – (Credit: Disclosure)

Wei Dongyi, a young man in his 30s, has attracted a team of PhD researchers from China. Recognized as the new talent of the moment, he resolved—in just one night— A complex math problem the team spent four months trying to solve,

After using his equations, Dongyi, an assistant professor of mathematics at Peking University, helped build a complex mathematical model with 96% accuracy. The Chinese earned the nickname “God Wei” (“God Wei”, in free translation) and became known for being admitted to the institute without taking the country’s entrance exam, the ‘gaokao’, which is considered one of the toughest exams in the world. Is. ,

For his achievements, the young man gained notoriety in the country and was invited to help a group of math experts who spent about 4 months trying to solve an equation. When he already considered the account “indecent”, Wei provided him with his own formulas for the equation.

According to the newspaper, by implementing the youth approach, the team achieved a 96% approval rate. south china morning post,

In addition to recognizing the boy’s talent and his contribution to problem solving, the scientists wanted to honor him with financial value. However, Dongyi refused to pay the money. “It is unnecessary to pay me for such a simple problem,” declared the Chinese genius.

The researchers insisted that Wei accepts money, admitting only that his transportation card is at the top.

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fame for talent

This is not the first time that Wei Dongyi has captured the attention of the press and won the hearts of fans in his country for his intelligence and humility. In addition to dribbling ‘gaokao’, which brought together 10 million youth to compete for the 6.6 million spots, the young man was also adorned with two medals at the Mathematics Olympics when he was still in high school.

In addition, according to the newspaper shandong business newsThe young Chinese has also turned down an offer to study as a PhD at Harvard University with an English language waiver and the support of an interpreter.

For Chen Deyu, dean of Peking University, where Genius majored in mathematics and earned his PhD, it should come as no surprise that a person with Wei’s background and abilities could solve a mathematical equation considered difficult,” Because he is smart and very focused on every project he is involved in.”

A spokesperson of the organization said that the young man is humble as well as very disciplined and devotes himself a lot to his studies and work in the university, but he prefers a simple lifestyle without sophisticated food or expensive clothes.

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