Cinebuzz · Who is in the “Rebelday” remake?

Cinebuzz · Who is in the "Rebelday" remake?

Thamyris Kuto. @thamy_couto Published 01/05/2022 at 10:44 am – Updated at 11:56 am

After a hiatus, Netflix has brought back the celebrities of the 2000s that Rebel fans are most fond of. And in this new remake, maybe we don’t have my ,anahhi, Roberta ,sweet maria, Lupita ,Maite Perroni, Diego ,Christopher Uckerman, miguel ,alfonso herrera) I Giovanni ,christian chavez), but new members of the Elite Way school join in carrying out the conspiracy.

So, now that the new season’s first season is out on Netflix, let’s get to know better who’s in this new “rebel”:

  • Giovanna Grigio, Como Emilia

being brazilian, emilia He lives with lewd comments about his origins, but that was never a reason to lower his head, but on the contrary, the character doesn’t do it without getting anyone into trouble. Although, at times, he is an unpleasant person, he enjoys the affection and friendliness of his true companions. Also, distrust is his second name, as he is one of the first to suspect. Jana ,Guetta Blue) Elite Way School.

Disclosure / Netflix

Jana Already comes to EWS with poor reception from old-timers, as she is a successful artist with thousands of followers on social networks and a gold record in her music course. Soon, students begin to doubt the qualifications used by the young woman to enter the school, as she is the daughter of one of the country’s greatest music producers and the granddaughter of the former director of the institute, as well as His talent too.

The story gets even better when it is revealed to whose daughter the young woman is: pillar gondiya, who does everything to go for restarting her career. But, taking music very seriously, the young woman decides to focus on her studies despite all the pressure, and still receives his support. estebano ,Sergio Meyer Moric), who understands it like no one else.

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  • Sergio Meyer Mori as Esteb

estebano He is EWS humble, one of the few scholarship recipients in the college who is also the target of offensive comments because of his origin. But that doesn’t shake him, and it makes it an even easier point to adapt to and closer to a new reality. Jana, who soon form a partnership in some songs.

Even as your good man, estebano Hides the secret associated with a pianist, and the only person who can be the key to ending it, Wound ,Franco Masini,

Disclosure / Netflix

Wound is the boy who was made in the elite school, because he bears the last name Koluki on the back. The young man became hostile and arrogant, which is characteristic of wealthy children, who are supported by their parents. Despite this, it was the absence of his parents and lack of importance that made him the person who always thought he could do whatever he wanted.

Despite the bad jokes, Wound Identifies with a strange person who makes her a target Naughty, Simultaneously, he will need to find a way to deal with crimes without losing cause, especially with the pressure of his father taking over the family business.

Disclosure / Netflix

Rebel in person! Known for being a rude person and getting bad grades in school, And me Stands out for his drumming talent which is why he was able to join EWS. All his repulsive behavior is a reflection of his negative attitude towards father figures, especially his stepfather, who doesn’t give a damn about his stepdaughter. This gives the young woman an expressive confidence in herself, and a greater attachment to her true friendship.

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Disclosure / Netflix

  • Andrea Chaparo as MJ

Always under the umbrella of her parents, the daughter of a former Californian (USA) and Mexican daughter seizes the pioneering opportunity to study with the boys at a school that is new to her as she lives in an extremely religious family. and finds his true identity and independence beyond the reach of his mother and father. Known for being the most innocent and optimistic of the group, MJ Surprised by any basic male kindness and soon falls in love with a heartbeat estebano after your actions.

Disclosure / Netflix

  • Jeronimo Cantillo, as he said

Dixon or better, guillermo, as his mother likes to call him, already entered the elite school with the reputation of a thief, as he was born in Colombia. As a result, he needs to prove to others as soon as possible that the unloved nickname is wrong, and he expresses it through his rap and his unique style. after all, Dixon Take offense because being on EWS can be a great opportunity for your music career.

Disclosure / Netflix

  • Alejandro Puente as Sebastian

Known by his surname, Sebas There is another young man who stamps on the EWS style and thinks that he is the best being from a very rich and powerful family, being the son of a politician, which makes him think so. Sebastian knows how to win over a girl, so much so that he has a matter With Jana, ensuring multiple likes on your social networks.

Disclosure / Netflix

Do you want to know more about the new cast of “Rebelde”? So don’t miss your chance to see them in action in episodes of the first year of the series, which are now available on Netflix.

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