Claire Crowley Debts Exam Ring after Dale Moss’s proposal on ‘Bachelorette’.


The 39-year-old blonde beauty made history by engaging with one of her claimants after just five episodes in the November 5 episode of the show and breaking up with the other 16 men.

Aceshobiz – Now that the cat is out of the bag, Claire Crowley She did not hesitate to show her engagement ring Dale Moss. Not too long ago “BacheloretteThe new episode aired on November 5, when the 39-year-old star was spotted playing a giant diamond engagement ring while shopping in her hometown of Sacramento, California.

During the walk, Claire was Saw Giving a broken white crop-top bone, a black face mask and a pair of black leggings. The golden beauty put a drink in one of her hands. Meanwhile, he pushed a cart to the other side, showing a magnificent blue lane ring. The stunning ring has a rectangular stone with diamonds around the band.

After the episode, Claire confirmed her involvement on her Instagram account. “It’s official !! Love has won !!!! I love you,” she wrote with a picture of herself and Dale. Meanwhile, Dell went to her Instagram account to see her fianc. Sharing some pictures of his proposal on the sharing platform, Dale wrote in the caption, “Never the point that I will show you.”

The official account for “The Bachelorette” responded to the sweet post, writing in the comments section, “Obsessed.” The former “Bachelor“The star Vanessa Grimaldi “YESSSSSSSS.” Host Chris Harrison Commenting on the new couple, “Congratulations !!! All my love and support.” Also showed support for.

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Claire made history that night after just five episodes, engaging with one of her claimants and breaking up with the other 16 men. “When you got here, it was like lightning for me because I knew I had just met my husband. You fooled me into everything I wanted in a man,” she told Dale in the episode. “I just love that man as much as you do.”

“I’m so grateful to you,” Dale told Claire as she introduced him. “The best is yet to come. I’m not going anywhere and I want to make you happy every day. That being said – I’m going to do it.” Claire then replied, “Put that ring on my finger, I’ve been waiting for it for years.”

While this was unprecedented in the show’s history, Chris revealed that he was not disappointed in Claire. “I’m not crazy about Claire, there’s nothing wrong with that. If Claire is falling for someone, and this is where she’s great … then this should be a good thing. There’s nothing negative about it. Should, ”he explained to Entertainment tonight.

Now that Claire is happily engaged to Dale, Tehsia Adams The display is tapped to save. “[Tayshia] “She’s always been a fan favorite, she’s always been a favorite of the producers, and so she’s always been at the top of our list,” said Chris Raved. “Obviously we went with Claire, and it was a great option, because she’s got an exercise. A job at falling in love. But if things take a turn, we’ll have to change once, and A change has to be made. ”

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