Cleveland Indians beat Royals 5-2 to enter first round at AL Central with Chicago

Cleveland Indians beat Royals 5-2 to enter first round at AL Central with Chicago

Cleveland, Ohio – The last time the Indians faced Brad Keller, he scored one run in 6/3 innings. To date, it is the only game started by Shane Bieber this year that the Indians have not won.

They did well on Monday night at Progressive Field with a 5-2 win over the Royals. The Indians have won 14 of their last 19 games and topped the AL Central with a lazy White Sox. The Royals have lost seven straight.

Zach Plesk played seven strong innings and won his second straight game against the Royals. He was stopped for two runs in 13 innings. . His big-league debut last year. He is 5-0 with a 1.83 ERA against Kansas City in six games.

“It’s a great recipe when you don’t walk with anyone and separate your pits well,” Sandy Elomer, the acting manager for Indians, said when asked about Plesk.

The Indians did not beat Keller (3-2, 2.60). They beat him a little once.

They took a 2-0 lead as Carlos Santana and Framil Rez opened the innings with singles to put the runners on edge. Santana finished second with a goal from Tyler Nakin’s hard-hitting ground, which slipped out of White Maryfield’s glove and was mistaken. Rice, who was third on error, scored the goal when Josh Nellar started coming out of a potential double game when he was short of a Grand Prix.

Rice was happy to see the Royals enter the progressive field to complete their 10-match series against the Indians. He went 10 for 14 at Kaufman Stadium last week, but when the Indian returned to the progressive field, the Rays went 0-for-9 against the Brewers. On Monday night, he was alone in his first two innings and walked away before making a comeback.

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“I was batting well against the Brewers, but the hits weren’t falling,” Reyes said. “I feel great on the plate.”

At number four, the Indians made it 3-0, while Nakin recorded his second RBI with a sacrifice fly. Francisco Linder opened the innings with a single and Rice finished third from center to center.

The lead should have been big, but a very minor mismatch by Linder in the sixth was a potentially big innings. Linder opened the innings with an infield single. Santana walked towards the wall with a double that usually rounded Linder. But it seems he was annoyed by shortstop Adelberto Mondesi going into second base.

After stepping on the second base, Linder started going back to the first base without moving to the third base. The Royals appealed the play and Linder was summoned. To make matters worse, Santana’s double was turned into a fielder’s choice on a decision by the official scorer. The Indians got nothing out of the innings, instead of starting the innings with the runners in the second and third and no outs.

Alonder said Linder never saw where Santana’s hit went.

“He knew he had lost the second base, but he thought maybe no one saw it,” Alomer said. “It happens. It was a fundamental mistake.”

Alommer went out to talk to the umpires about the decision because he thought Linder had made a second touch.

“When I was out, they played on the scoreboard again,” Alomer said.

Mondesi made it 3-1 with a 458-foot homer from the playoffs with two outs in the seventh.

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The Indians scored two runs in the seventh to bring it back 5-1. Neller, Roberto Perez and Oscar Mercado started the innings with singles outside Keller. Neller scored the third goal of the Mercado bouncer which Michael Franco could not clear. Perez finished third on Cesar Hernandez’s Bach Sacrifice Bent and scored on Mike Freeman’s Sacrifice Fly.

Freeman came in at number seven to bring Jose Ramirez to third. Ramirez left with “discomfort” in his left thumb.

“It’s a nervous thing that, in my opinion, is pushing her out mentally,” Alomer said. “She felt better tonight and we decided to take her out of the game and give her a chance to recover. We’re looking forward to playing Freeman tomorrow. ”

Placec (3-1, 1.32) allowed one run on seven hits. He scored four runs and did not bat one. In 34 innings this season, Plesk has 34 strikeouts and two walks in five starts.

When asked about his control, Plassek said, “Consistency has helped with my delivery and a good game plan. “Mentally, I’m trying to go as deep as I can into the game. The only way to do that is to go through the zone and adjust the speed. ”

The Royals made it 5-2 in the eighth when Hunter Dossier broke the center field wall three times and scored in a Franco outlet outside Adam Simber. Phil Matton relieved the next two batsmen and retired. Freeman saved a run by catching Alex Gordon’s flare behind third base to end the innings.

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Brad Hand, working for the third day in a row, was knocked out in the ninth in order to save his 12th chance. He has two defeats 1-0 in the last three days.


Kansas City’s RHP Jacob Junis (0-1, 4.32) will face right-hander Tristan Mackenzie (2-0, 1.69), who will take on the SportStim Ohio and WTM game on Tuesday at 6-10 p.m.

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