Cloud storage that encrypts your files so that they are protected

Cloud storage that encrypts your files so that they are protected

There was a time when Win free on the internet. Despite being strict, the situation is still the same. But there are those who wonder to what extent it is worth using the free services In lieu of your data, Our data, is used for advertising campaign Or to sell us something. Cloud storage is a sector that gives free and paid space to save files. And it is becoming increasingly common that, among their works, they shed light on the following Encryption of your files To keep them safe.

I mean, it’s not enough anymore There is room to save Your files, share them and keep them on all your connected devices. Now we also need files uploaded to the cloud to be safe. And for this, In addition to encrypting the connection Between your device and the server of the cloud storage service, it is common to find services that Encrypt your files So that they are not accessible by third parties or even by keeping them online.

Thanks for doing File encryption, Cloud storage relieves that old mistrust that if your documents are on an external server, they are visible to other people. Now that is no longer the case. Content you upload to the cloud Be safe Both during shipping and after storage, wherever you are.


The creators of NordVPN, a popular VPN service, come to us Nordlocker, Your cloud storage that bets on End-to-end encryption. Its free version gives us 3 GB of space, which you can increase to 500 GB for $ 3.99.

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With its own applications for Windows and MacOS, which integrate with Finder and Windows Explorer, the service makes it easy to encrypt files, share them via public links. Automatic backup, etc. As a specification, Its encryption applies to your files Since they are on your device. From there, you can upload the content of your choice to their server.

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