Club House: Dear Social Network – Everything You Need To Know About Vogue

Club House: Dear Social Network - Everything You Need To Know About Vogue

Clubhouse: Everything you need to know about social networks of the time is (Photo: Reproduction / Sean Redmond)

I have heard Club house For the first time in “word of mouth”. On Friday, a couple of weeks ago, feeling exhausted after joining Zoom and looking forward to a weekend that was beyond grocery shopping and the Euphoria Marathon, a friend wrote to me on WhatsApp asking if I had new audio to add The invitation to be is the application, described on their website as “a new type of social product based on voice”.

I didn’t have it, and out of fear of being late for publicity, I immediately started investigating, FOMO Consuming me (I needed to reduce the latest technological trend that could simultaneously suppress my boredom and quench my thirst for the presence of an epidemic!). I was disappointed to receive a message that I was on a virtual waiting list. Disappointingly, you can’t see anything about the app unless you’re invited to participate – or if you’re a celebrity, like Drake, Ashton Kutcher or Virgil Abloh.

The virtual room conversations of Drake's choice have proved so popular that the voice-based platform regularly trends on Twitter.  (Photo: Getty Images)

Conversations in virtual rooms made by people like Drake proved so popular that the voice-based app stamped TT on Twitter. (Photo: Getty Images)

Eventually I received an invitation from a friend, my first stop was to explore the rooms. The app appears on your phone like any other app, and once you’re inside, the clubhouse feels cluttered and exciting. You are greeted with a very simple homepage, which lists the discussions that occur at the time, as well as schedules to be followed.

Your algorithm matches your schedule and which one you choose to follow – so, depending on your area of ​​work / interest / friends, you will see chat rooms giving lectures on music, cinema, culture, race, technology and beauty . I was instantly addicted: Celebrity names that were generally inaccessible suddenly took a click away. The scheduled lectures of the panel were queuing up in my feeds and other colleagues virtually operating the rooms.

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The first room I entered was a discussion of emerging American rapper Moolato and his controversial name (historically, a racist term that used to describe mixed ancestry). The debate became very heated and then, leaving quietly, I started jumping from one cyber room to another. Over the weekend, I focused on a lively discussion from fans of Harry Potter about everything women do in music – after 48 hours, the club house addiction and attraction was evident.

Conversations in virtual rooms by Kevin Hart, Drake and Tiffany Haddish became so popular that they regularly appeared on Twitter TT and debates in rooms also drew public attention on Instagram. Soon the social network will be accessible to everyone (the Clubhouse app states that “we’re still in a private beta, but we’re working hard to open things up soon”). Below, you need to know about the app.

Jared Leto and Jodi Turner-Smith participate in the Gucci show during Milan Fashion Week, Spring / Summer 2020.  (Photo: Getty Images)

Jared Leto and Jodi Turner-Smith are among the clubhouse fan cast (Photo: Getty Images)

What kind of conversation is happening in the clubhouse?

Live podcast-style conversations, panel discussions, a dizzying range of networking opportunities (some experienced people are already switching from ‘influencer’ to ‘mediator’) and beneficial use of multiple rooms (blocked and private options for you. Can talk) to friends too), the app mimics real-life conversations.

Launched in April 2020, the clubhouse is valued at around $ 100 million (£ 75 million). Recording any conversation is completely prohibited, meaning that your meeting with VIP members or the conversation in general is safe.

Who created the clubhouse app?
Developed by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison and former Google employee Rohan Seth, the app received nearly $ 12 million in funding from US capital company Andreessen Horowitz in May 2020 and continues to grow. Although the application can only host iPhone users right now, its expansion is imminent (in May 2020, it had 3,500 users – we can assume it is much larger today).

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The app is becoming increasingly popular

Since launch and during new blockade measures around the world, its popularity has increased tenfold. But, like many new apps, it still has its problems, says 24-year-old beauty PR Eki Igbinoba, who has been on the app for over a month. “It’s great for discussions and informal discussions about creative industries, but I’m afraid ideas will be stolen from lesser-known middlemen,” she told Vogue over the phone.

Virgil Abloh (Photo: Getty Images)

Virgil Abloh (Photo: Getty Images)

It’s almost like seeing your friends in real life
It is easy to change from ‘room’ to ‘room’, once allowed by moderators (you ask to speak by pressing the ‘raised hand’ emoji), participating in the discussion on the virtual room. Think of the clubhouse as a panel. The topics range from culture influencing race and feminism to chat room debugging myths 30. Once you join a group app, you are free to create private rooms to lead your weekly catch-up or pretend to be in a typical Friday night (pre-Kovid) pub We do.

Drake and Oprah Winfrey are around
Celebrities signing up. Your relative privacy is a great benefit for VIP members who can speak freely without fear that their words will expire on TMZ. Expect to hear from superstars like Drake, Tiffany Haddish, Jared Leto, Ashton Kutcher and Chris Rock.

Recent controversy
The clubhouse received some backlash against alleged leniency with harassment protocols and a failure to set up the rooms properly. New York Times editor Taylor Lorenz publicly denounced the chat platform when she found herself in a room at a discussion point.

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On October 1, the clubhouse issued a statement condemning racism, anti-Semitic, hate speech and abuses and a list of guidelines and rules for implementing it. This includes allowing intermediaries to block, report and silence interior rooms and investigate violations immediately.

The clubhouse is semi-exclusive for now
IPhone users can download the app from the Apple Store and reserve a username. However, as it is still in beta testing, its exclusivity means that you will be added to the waiting list until you get an invitation from a friend or colleague. Each person can invite a handful of friends after their application is accepted. Interested? The clubhouse says it will be open to the public soon.

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