Clubhouse vs. Instagram: Access Race Begins

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Recent detailed review of the voice based social network Clubhouse We shared. Paul davison And Rohan Seth ‘Alpha Exploration products installed at Club Exploration have been appearing in Twitter posts for some time. During quarantine hours, users come to the clubhouse together and evaluate various issues simultaneously.

Just now iOS users And By invitation Open application faces a serious demand. Globally, most content creators are exploring this new platform and drawing their followers after it. This condition is valid in Turkey. While some focus is due to FOMO (fear of being missed), the fact that a limited number of spectators join the stage reinforces their sense of community.

Small reach of clubhouse is remarkable

Force Majure, which is a product of epidemic and quarantine periods, is the best example of this. For those who don’t yet know Force Major Instagram white show We can define as. Instagram live broadcasts by Melikesah Altuntas and Bartu Cusquesanelan became the favorite program of the quarantine period. While Instagram’s live broadcast, sponsored by Lipton Ice Tea, reached 65,000 viewers, the pair took the broadcast to the clubhouse in an “after party” format as part of the sponsorship. The After Party hosted 4,500 people at the clubhouse, although it was in a closed group format.

At this point, let’s add that the closed group option of the clubhouse may not include anyone from outside. obviously; The clubhouse, which is at the beginning of its social networking journey, is already starting to challenge Instagram with its reach and growth rate. It is impressive to reach 4,500 live users at 2 pm on social networks with fully restricted participation.

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Who wins the match between Instagram and the clubhouse?

Because till 7 months ago there were only 1500 members in the club house. This number is recent 2 million active users With the opening of Android version, the social network may fall in love with Instagram. Especially if we compare it to live streams and other features on Instagram; The clubhouse stands out with its ability to host more than two guests, mute the sound and receive voice questions. Furthermore, the fact that a camera is not required to open for broadcast is one of the factors that increases the number of conversations and content.

On the other hand, the “comments and hearts” we see in the Instagram feed do not appear on screen in the clubhouse. This explains the range of motion of the clubhouse in terms of interaction. However, clubhouse users may also find a solution for this. Clapping on and off the microphone, users add desired engagement elements to conversations.

Nevertheless, “Imitation”, which has become the corporate culture of Instagram, one of the stars of the Facebook application family, could cast a stone in this competition. If you remember, Instagram had copied Snapchat and TicketLock, two social applications that went almost viral without blinking an eye. That makes its way into instagram Stories And The reels Features continued to take care of the user base on the app.

But this time Twitter behaved before Instagram. In november 2020 Voice chat room Announcing Twitter, also introduced Audio DM. Instagram’s parent company is out of the Facebook clubhouse Facebook room after 2 monthsRemoved. Instagram, which already has a voicemail feature, can try its luck.

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Lessons from the clubhouse

Be it viral, the clubhouse reminds Facebook of almost all of the past. This once again shows us the key elements of a successful social network. Effect of joint invitations and waiting lists with advice from opinion leaders; It is possible to create an incredible FOMO-based interest on behalf of the user.

One of the most important factors is the inclusion of Ashton Kutcher among the company’s investors that triggered this impact and formed the foundation of the community. Other leaders and celebrities are brought to the stage.

Given that personal branding today is primarily developed in social networks, it is unsurprising that celebrities and opinion leaders prefer a clubhouse with a distinguished audience. Webrazzi Club: Similar to the Digital Broadcasting Platform session, many opinion leaders were guests and shared their views with the audience.

In Instagram and clubhouse races, the clubhouse is distinct from other social networks; He quickly got his hands on the income model. After its success, a new in previous weeks Invested The app announced that it would begin testing the subscription model for the first time in a few months. We can say that the initiative will emerge with a Patreon-like structure.

Note that the initiative will start working on the Android version. Android users suffering from FOMO can start connecting to the platform shortly after the invitation.

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