Clubs complain that league statute does not provide how funds will be divided – 04/05/2022 – Esport

Clubs complain that league statute does not provide how funds will be divided – 04/05/2022 – Esport

Clubs were informed on Friday (29) night that a meeting to discuss a new league would take place, on Tuesday (3), in the morning in So Paulo. Many considered the deadline too short, but accepted. When they arrived at the meeting, they received a copy of the statute prepared by lawyer Flavio Xaviter.

The document was ready and only had to be signed, not discussed.

This has caused deep resentment among most of the leaders present. Worse, was finding, according to three of them told SheetThat the statute does not foresee how the resources will be divided when the League comes into force.

One of the top hats mocked the text of the report. He considered getting a “ready cake”.

Of the 40 teams in Series A and B, only eight signed the document on Tuesday: five from So Paulo (Corinthians, Palmeiras, So Paulo, Santos, Red Bull Bragantino), Flamengo, Cruzeiro and America-MG. The president of Palmeiras, Lila Pereira, arrived at the meeting announcing that she was there to sign, would sign anyway and that anyone who doesn’t want to, should do so later. There were some who did not like this statement.

The movement “Football Forte”, which brings together 14 teams, believes that the creation of the league takes place from top to bottom. He complains that this is not a negotiation, it is an imposition imposed by the clubs in So Paulo plus Flamengo.

The fear is that later these unions will be forced to receive more money than others if the division is not stipulated in the statute.

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The “Football Forte” is made up of Athletico, Atlético-GO, Atlético-MG, Avai, Serra, Coritiba, Fluminense, Fortaleza, Goias, Internazionale and Juventude. Its leaders, notably the representative of Athletico, Mario Celso Petraglia, were the ones who most strongly opposed the terms of the meeting.

One of the concerns is that the delivery of contracts will involve pay-per-view money, which is always a source of dispute between clubs and Grupo Globo. Nowadays, each team receives a value that is, theoretically, tied to the number of fans subscribing to the service. Because they have more fans, Flamengo and Corinthians can amass more. Palmeiras was reluctant to sign a renewal of the agreement, which began in 2019 and was valid until 2024.

The position of the eight who have already joined is that the important thing is to build on a political fact: the creation of the league and that will start the search for investors. For others, especially from “Football Forte”, it is necessary to resolve all pending issues before anything else.

In the book “The Club: How the Premier League Became the Richest, Most Disruptive Business in Sport” authors Jonathan Clegg and Joshua Robinson explain how television contracts within the UK would be shared equally among all clubs and this would be included in the The founding document of the league was kept. International agreements are subject to other factors and the best-known clubs get a bigger share.

One of the propositions of the Brazilian league is that the difference in revenue distribution is such that the champion receives 3.5 times more than the previous place, while the other is between these two tiers. It is a model that reflects LaLiga, as the Spanish Championship is called.

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There is another idea, “40-30-30”, as currently used in the contract with Grupo Globo. In this case, 40% of everything collected would be divided equally, with 30% according to the final classification and 30% within an equation that considers media exposure, broadcast games, and other variables.

Futebol Forte accepts this principle, but wants the distribution to be in a 50-25-25 ratio.

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