CNA – exportspoca Negócios says Agribusiness exports increased 2.8% to US $ 6.5 billion in February

CNA - exportspoca Negócios says Agribusiness exports increased 2.8% to US $ 6.5 billion in February

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Brazilian agribusiness exports reached US $ 6.5 billion in February, representing a 2.8% increase from the same month of 2020, according to an analysis by the Brazilian Agriculture and Livestock Confederation (CNA), based on ministry data. is. Of the economy. The agribusiness trade surplus was US $ 5.2 billion last month. In accumulated results for January and February, overseas sales reached $ 12.1 billion.

Soybean was the main product on the Brazilian agribusiness export basket last month, accounting for 17.5% of total revenue and valued at US $ 1.1 billion, although it fell 33.1% in relation to the previous year. Last year was also reflected in the same month. Delay in harvest due to high rainfall, negatively impacted shipments in February.

Fresh chicken meat, the second main item in exports in February, fell 6.9% last month compared to February 2020 and reached exports of US $ 488 million. However, the CNA indicates in a technical communication, little change has been recorded in the quantity of shipments, suggesting that the Brazilian exporter benefited from the dollar increase in the month.

According to the CNA, the most significant increase was in exports last month compared to February 2020: corn (158.2%), which increased from US $ 66.6 million to US $ 172.0 million in 2021; Refined sugar (95.0%), whose revenue increased from US $ 68.6 million to US $ 133.8 million; And soybean sniffer, which registered an increase of 82.3%.

With respect to export destinations, 67.5% was directed to ten markets. China was the main destination and accounted for 26% of the Brazilian trade basket, followed by the European Union (16.5%) and the United States (8.1%). Other Asian countries are also among the main destinations with participation in exports to Brazil, such as Indonesia (3.2%), Bangladesh (2.8%), Saudi Arabia (2.3%), Japan (2.2%), Vietnam (2.0%) and Iran (2.0%). Compared between February 2021 and February 2020, there was an increase of Brazilian exports of hybrid Indonesia (110.9%) and Turkey (44.1%) agribusiness products.

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