CNN fires anchor who helped brother accused of harassment

CNN fires anchor who helped brother accused of harassment

On Saturday night (4), CNN announced the resignation of Chris Cuomo. “One of the most popular anchors on the network,” commented media expert Brian Stelter live. Also anchor Jim Acosta was embarrassed to announce a blast about his now former Channel colleague.

Chris Cuomo Was One of American TV’s Most Powerful Anchors

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Chris, the host of CNN’s highest-rated prime-time show ‘Cuomo Prime Time’, was on Tuesday (30) months after being suspected of improperly aiding his brother, then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, to get rid of charges. was dismissed. Sexual harassment by employees in his office.

The crisis led by the journalist began in March, when he announced to the audience that he would not talk about the scandal with his brother on his program. He was called a “hypocrite” and accused of practicing “journalistic bias” to benefit his relative. Under pressure, Andrew stepped down in August. Chris’s situation got worse.

At the time, New York Post editor Maureen Callahan was relentless: “One has already fallen. The other is missing. Now that Andrew Cuomo has resigned, his brother Chris must be the next. A breach of morality”. no sooner said than done.

It soon surfaced in the press that Chris was an advisor to his brother’s lawyers in an attempt to discredit the victims of harassment and to manipulate the media. Despite the criticism, CNN decided to keep it on air. The trust vote has tarnished the credibility of the main US news channel.

Resignation announcement on CNN itself: Embarrassment in the air

Resignation announcement on CNN itself: Embarrassment in the air

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The broadcaster’s top management has hired a law firm to look into the matter. Indisputable evidence of Chris Cuomo’s immoral performance came to the fore. The final report of the investigation was submitted to CNN President Jeff Zucker on Friday (3). After reading dozens of pages, he was convinced of the mistake of the anchor and announced his resignation.

“That’s not how I wanted to end my time on CNN,” the presenter lamented hours after she was fired. Getting rid of this will not solve the network problem. The delay in acting, as if trying to save her contractor, took away valuable points from the public’s trust in the channel.

Age 51 and a long, successful TV career, Chris has been on CNN since 2013. He earned an annual salary of $6 million, approximately $34 million. Progressive, he became one of Donald Trump’s fiercest questioners of his time in the presidency.

In 2020, Cuomo made headlines in all four corners of the planet for contracting Covid-19 and running his separate show in the basement of his home in New York and casually appearing naked in a live made by his wife. Journalist Christina Green.

He was not the first American anchor to lose his job because of his direct or indirect involvement in sexual harassment. In recent years, Charlie Rose (CBS), Matt Lauer (NBC), Eric Bolling (Fox News) and Bill O’Reilly (Fox News) have all been fired. The Gringo Press Is Already Asking: Who Will Be Next?

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