Cobra jumps into the kayak and accompanies the trainer on the tour: ‘Good company’; Look world

Cobra jumps into the kayak and accompanies the trainer on the tour: 'Good company';  Look  world

In Argentina, the snake jumps in the kayak and accompanies the trainer’s tour

A kayak instructor in Argentina took a huge scare while paddling earlier this month and suddenly a snake jumped on his boat. Keeping it as quiet as possible, Alejandro Ponce de Leon did not miss that opportunity to record the images. On her Instagram profile, Argentina posted three pictures of the snake under her kayak, which went viral.

In each post, the instructor used a good-natured phrase about the experience, which was: “Come with me”, “Feel free” and “A kayak trip with the good company of a vulture”. (See video below)

Facing the consequences, the school he works in, released a statement about this, Wednesday, the 17th episode.

“We want to tell you what really happened,” says the start of the post.

The Alma de Rio Kayak School reported that it decided to comment after seeing a series of misinformation about photos circulating on the social network.

“It happened on a school tour, crossing the river near La Florida Spa, when a snake swam. Alejandro, @ alejandro.poncedeleon.798, school teacher, took a photo when he saw her,” They said. .

According to the institute, the snake was identified as an Uratu, from the same family as Jarakaka and Rattlesnake, which are considered dangerous to be poisoned.

The post stated that the sight of the snake in the kayak was “fascinated” and “adrenaline both at the same time” in Alejandro.

“He talks to her, tells her to keep calm and he’s about to take her to the shore. #Artu shows him crying and when he executes the crying act, he decides to stare at her . Urutu “, report.

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“After a while, Yurutu started sliding down the deck towards Alejandro and for his peace he decided to get off #Kiaque and continue to his destination”, adding: “Incredible experience !!!!”

Urtu (alternative crops) live in both terrestrial and aquatic environments and can be found in countries in South America.

The Alma de Rio Kayak School reported that swimming consumes a lot of energy from this snake, which then seeks a place to climb and rest. But be warned:

“It is not common for a snake to climb on top of a kayak, in which case it is better to let him rest and if he comes close, drive him into the water with a paddle. It is more likely that we will have a similar one. Encounter on land, so it is important to identify the species and whether it is poisonous ”.

The publication also advises that if a person comes in front of Uratu, “it is important to remain calm, so that he does not feel threatened, because he only attacks when he feels attacked”.

“Staying still and going slowly is the best option,” he says.

To conclude, the institution defended the lives of these animals, despite the potential dangers they might cause:

“The creatures we do not like or fear are completely harmful, harmful to the environment and meaningless. We would prefer not to kill them, inform ourselves and take care of ourselves”.

A similar phenomenon that also attracted the attention of Internet users in Australia in 2018, as shown in the video below, from 1 minute and 20 seconds. The kayak’s occupants are frightened by the proximity of a snake who tried to board the ship. check out:

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