Cobra Kai and the more famous series that were not produced by Netflix

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Netflix has been one of the largest streaming services in the world for quite some time. Much of the company’s success comes from the extreme quality of its core qualities.

What many people do not know is that many of these “original productions” have not been produced by Netflix since its inception, many of them were created by the channels and producers who dumped them and Netflix has released these Revived the series.

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Check out our list of famous series from the Netflix catalog that were not originally created by the streaming service.

Check list:

The Você series once again showed that the public loves a good villain, as long as their story is good. The series shows the life of Goldberg, a psychopath who pursues women.

The first season was produced by Lifetime Channel and the series then became exclusive to Netflix.

The Black Mirror series shows a dystopian future, but sometimes not very different from ours, to show how technology can affect our lives.

The series was originally produced by British Channel 4 and purchased by Netflix after two seasons, although the quality in the streaming service has increased even more, with the fourth and fifth seasons being heavily criticized by the public and exclusive media is.

The Good Place is a series by Michael Shrur, creator of The Office and Parks and Recreation, in the series a woman dies and goes to a place that looks like heaven, but in reality it is hell, and there she is. Your soul should be saved and from others.

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Netflix acquired all four seasons of the series that had already been produced.

Audience event Peaky Blinders takes place in England in 1900 and tells the story of the Shelby family, the series is produced by the BBC, but Netflix has exclusive rights to show the series to the rest of the world, so many think it This is the core of the service.

Breaking Bad is considered one of the biggest series of all time, but the fact that it is unknown to many is why Netflix played a key role in this success.

The series was not a resounding success in the beginning, until Netflix partnered with the American channel AMC and began airing the series in its fourth season, greatly increasing viewership.

How to Get Away with Murder A law professor and his students are trying to get away with murder.

The program was popular with audiences and critics, earning an Emmy Award for actress Viola Davis, who became the first black woman to receive the trophy. The series is original from ABC but became even more popular with the acquisition of Netflix.

In the game series security actor Richard Madden, known for his performance in Game of Thrones, the program was originally produced by the BBC and was a huge success in the UK, the most watched channel in recent years The drama has become behind Doctor Who.

Along with Peaky Blinders, Netflix distributed the series internationally, further increasing its audience.

The acclaimed comedy Shit’s Creek was developed by the Canadian network CBC Television, and even though Netflix had not originally produced the series, it only gained popularity when it began to be distributed by the service after its third season.

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Outside the country, the series is still distributed by Netflix, but in Brazil, it can be watched by streaming service Amazon Prime Video.

The series, which includes religion and mythological figures, may have been controversial, with Lucifer also becoming a success at Fox, but when critics gave a better evaluation for the series, viewers fell and were canceled.

But Netflix revived the series and it became a phenomenon.

Cobra Kai was first developed by Youtube Red, bringing back beloved characters from the Karate Kid franchise, but the series did not achieve its expected success on stage and was canceled. Netflix once again took over production and transformed Cobra Kai into one of the biggest hits of today.

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