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A new series about Mike Tyson will premiere on August 25. A production that promises to show a Mike Tyson out of the ring on a daily basis. From his childhood, through boxing stardom and fall from prison.

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Star+ presents the first teaser and poster for Mike: Beyond Tyson, an unofficial and unreleased biography of Mike Tyson’s life. Consisting of 8 episodes, the new original mini-series will premiere in Latin America on Thursday, August 25, Especially on a streaming service.

Producer and screenwriter Steven Rogers, the team behind Me, Tonya, and Our Kind of People executive producer, showrunner Karin Gist, Mike: Beyond Tyson explore the dynamic and controversial story of Mike Tyson. The mini-series addresses the ups and downs of Tyson’s trajectory in both boxing and his personal life: from a worldwide acclaimed athlete to a man of criticism. Without diverting attention from Mike Tyson, the series examines the role of racism and classicism, media fame and power, misogyny, the division of wealth, the promise of the American dream, and ultimately the audience in the United States. In Mike’s story.

Mike: stars Trevante Rhodes and Russell Hornsby in addition to Tyson, and features guest appearances by artists such as Harvey Keitel, Laura Harrier, and Lee Eubanks.

Me, Tonya Screenwriter Steve Rogers is the producer and executive producer of the series. Karin Geist serves as showrunner and executive producer with Claire Brown under her production company The Geist of It. Also serving as executive producers are Craig Gillespie, director of Eye, Tonya, and his team, Brian Unkles and Scott Morgan of Clubhouse Pictures, Tom Ackerley and Margot Robbie of LuckyChap, Darin Friedman and Anthony Hemingway of Entertainment 360, Anthony Sparks and Samantha Corbin. -Miller. In addition to starring in the miniseries, Trevante Rhodes also serves as an executive producer. Mike: Beyond Tyson is a 20th television production.”

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