Commissioner says NBA has “no plans” to disrupt season despite rise of Covid

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League commissioner Adam Silver said the US National Basketball League, the NBA, has no plans to interrupt its season despite a rise in COVID-19 cases.

Seven games have been postponed since last week, with a report on the league’s website saying that at least 84 players from 20 teams have entered health and safety protocols as of Tuesday.

American media reported that 10 NBA teams playing on Christmas Day have been told that their game schedules may change due to Kovid-19 and a decision can be taken by Friday.

Silver told ESPN in an interview that the league “has no plans at the moment” to halt the season.

“Obviously, we’ve looked at all the options, but clearly, we’re having trouble figuring out what’s the rationale behind taking a break now,” he said.

“As we see these cases literally ravaging the country… I think we’re finding ourselves where we knew we were headed in the last few months, and this virus is not going to end, And we’re going to be learning to live with it.”

Silver’s remarks came a day after the National Hockey League, the NHL and the players’ union agreed to postpone games and bring forward the holiday due to COVID-19 team events.

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