Conflict measures in Chile will reach 74% of population – News

74% da população será afetada pelas novas medidas

The Chilean health authorities announced new infection measures on Monday (22) to deal with the spread of infection in the country and from next Thursday about 74% of the country’s population will be extinguished against the epidemic. New coronavirus.

The new restrictions affect 42 communities (cities or areas of cities) across the country and will cause 13 million million people – 19 million people who live in the country – to be limited to next Thursday.

This number will increase during the weekend, when people in areas where this measure only applies on Saturdays and Sundays will integrate quarantine.

In this way, 90% of the national population will remain in total detention until the weekend, until new restrictions are lifted.

The government also announced that permits for personal travel titles made available over the weekend would be suspended until further notice, while their services in supermarkets and fairs would be limited to home delivery.

“We need to control the epidemic and for that we need to reduce mobility,” said Paula Daza, undersecretary for public health. Help in funeral, always be active.

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Despite leading the global vaccination process with 5.6 million vaccinations with the first dose, Chile faces a second wave of infection as a result of summer vacation and its numbers are in the context of the limited number of people who have arrived since the arrival of the South is the most important. Coronovirus in the country.

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“Quarantine is painful, difficult, but due to increased viral circulation, we have to take these measures into consideration people’s health,” said Health Minister Enrique Paris.

According to a report by the Ministry of Health (Minsal), in the last 24 hours, 6,155 new cases and 80 deaths from Kovid-19 were reported in the country.

Thus, there are a total of 938,094 infections in the country since the onset of the epidemic, more than 38 thousand who remain active at the moment and are capable of becoming infectious.

To date, deaths from confirmed cases of coronovirus – with a positive PCR test – reach 22,359, but given the suspected cases recorded by Minsall, the epidemic has caused more than 29,000 victims in Chile.

In the country’s intensive care units (ICUs), 2,269 people are hospitalized, of which 1,973 are on mechanical ventilation. ICU bed occupancy in the country is 95%, the highest percentage of the entire epidemic.

April Election

With two-thirds of Chile’s population limited since Thursday, health safety issues are emerging for the elections due for April, including constitutional representatives who will be responsible for drafting a new constitution.

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“We are very concerned with the state of health, but also because the democratic process is carried out in the best possible way,” said Enrique Paris.

Chile’s Congress set two days for elections: April 10 and 11; However, the country’s largest health officials indicate that in the event of an extreme collapse of the health network, the claim should be assessed.

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